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2018 Edition
How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency
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How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency was the very first book written about the exploding business opportunity that has evolved in the travel industry over the past decade. First written in 1994, the book was considered on the fringe of the industry. Today, the book is distributed by the most professional and astute travel organizations in existence and is considered the bible for home-based travel agents.

This printing brings the book to a whole new level. It has been rewritten, professionally edited and an accompanying workbook and test is forthcoming, making the book the most up-to-date, concise and professional information on the subject.

It is written for only one purpose; to help you start your home-based travel business with a minimum of outlay and maximum return for your investment of time and money. Nothing is left to the imagination as every detail of the start-up process is disclosed in great detail. In this book you will discover  How to Cash in on the Home-Based Travel Agency Boom!

  Home-Based Travel Marketing Techniques
  The 15 Areas of Great Opportunity for Home-Based Travel Agents
  How to Create Your Business and Marketing Plan
  How to Start, Maintain and Operate Your Profitable Agency
  How to Protect Yourself From Legal Liabilities
  The Perks of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent
  How to Find the Perfect Host Agency for You
  How to Set Up Your Supplier, Client and Accounting Files
  How to Make Sure You Have Complied with Licensing Laws
  and Much, Much, Much More!

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency is the original book on becoming a home-based travel agent and this printing is the most current, complete and up-to-date book available on the subject.

Tom, Andy and Joanie Ogg have over 90 years combined travel industry experience and their in-depth understanding of the home based travel agency opportunity combined with their enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit make this book invaluable if you have ever contemplated opening your own home-based travel business.  Tom and Joanie have been training travel agents for over a decade on this exciting and rewarding business boom that has transformed the travel industry forever.

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What People are Saying

Both Tom and Joanie Ogg are the travel agent industry’s leading spokespersons and authorities on behalf of home-based travel agents.

Their education and training programs have raised both the professional level and the incomes of home-based agents.

The publication which follows represents ‘must reading’ for anyone who hopes either to open or to grow a profitable home-based travel agency – while enjoying the benefits of the wonderful world of travel”

Joel Abels
EditorTravel Trade Magazine

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“Tom and Joanie Ogg have a unique perspective from which they tell the truth.  Having been travel suppliers, travel agents and leaders of independent agents, Tom and Joanie know what you need to know. This book is mandatory for all who are considering a career in travel.  Buy it! Read it! Learn from it and start making money and having fun.”

William Maloney CTC
The American Society of Travel Agents

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“The cruise industry is growing and changing at lightening speed.  Tom and Joanie Ogg have made it easy with this book for a newcomer to set up their business and fully understand what it takes to become a professional in the field. It never ceases to amaze us that even those who are established can learn something from their material. To be a professional you need to follow one, or in this case two!”

Jim Terracciano CTC MCC
Nancy Terracciano CTC MCC
Cruises Do Come True LLC

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“After deciding that we wanted to pursue a travel career we started investigating different books/resources on how we go about doing this from home.  There are several books on home-based travel agencies, but we found that Joanie and Tom’s book gave us a step-by-step guide to starting and setting up our agency.  Whenever we had a question we looked to the book first for answers and they were usually there. It is a great guide and is a ‘must have’ for anyone thinking about starting his or her own home-based travel business.

Janet Stephens MCC
Debra Kurtti MCC
Discover Tours and Travel

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“Dear Tom:

I received your book How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency yesterday and was absorbed in reading it until I finished late last night.

Thank you for a comprehensive guide on this topic.

I recently worked for a large agency in town – in fact I was hired 18 months ago to develop a new marketing strategy and increase sales for this company. I met all of my goals, but my commissions and rewards were slim pickings. I decided that I prefer determining my own pay structure, hours and rewards. (Having spent 22 years as the vice president for major international software) companies I was used to better compensation and rewards for my successes.

Since moving to Flagstaff, Arizona five years ago, I have found meaningful employment slim pickings. I have established a Bed and Breakfast (now three years old and thriving) and now I hope to compliment this endeavor with my own travel business. I love to travel and I thoroughly enjoyed setting people up on fantastic travel adventures.

I will use your book as a basis to help me establish my home based agency.

Thank you,”

Mary Rabe

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“Dear Joanie and Tom,

I want to take the time to say what a tremendous job I think you have done on the “How to start a home based Travel Agency.” I was excited to see the package in my mailbox; shipped so quickly! (thank you!)

The book is a wealth of information, that I know is going to aide in my success. One of my favorite parts being the forward with the surfing; being from San Diego myself, and having a 13 year old son ~ it really made me smile! On the more serious side, it is comprehensive, and exceptionally easy to understand for someone who has no industry experience. Making sense of all the different organizations and really laying the steps out ~ fantastic job!

I ordered my TRIP Kit; and am glad I made the right choice! (I was unsure when ordering it, but your book confirmed my choice.) I look forward to meeting you in November at the Cruz-a-thon; and will let you know when I select my host. (that is still an area of confusion)

Hope you are enjoying your vacation and maybe catching some waves!


Dawn Marraccino
Independent Travel Agent

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“Great!!!! I really enjoyed the first book. LOTS of useful information. I have been an agent for 5 yrs. Doing this from home for 3, and learned more from your book than I ever did through my agency or travel school. I actually received more support reading than from my manager. THANKS !”

Denise S.
Independnet Travel Agent

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Tom, I just received my copy of  “How to Start a Home Based Travel Agent” and it is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an easy to follow guide for starting my new travel business and your book is perfect. I especially like the chapters with all the detail on setting up my operation. It took the pain out of what would have been a time consuming effort.

OK, what is the next trend?

Mary O’Brian
Cruise Time

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