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365 Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents

2018 Edition
365 Marketing Strategies

For Travel Agents

If you are looking for tried and true marketing strategies for your travel business, look no further. “365 Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents” is a compilation of the best of the best marketing strategies shared on the Travel Professional Community, the travel industry’s largest and most popular social community. Each concept that is shared has been used successfully by established travel professionals in their businesses. In this book you will discover strategies to;

* Create Client Referrals
* Use Client Gifts Properly
* Develop Loyalty Programs
* Use Advertising Effectively
* Benefit From Social Media
* Understand Website Marketingb
* Engage Unique Branding Techniques
* Understand Digital Marketing
* Use Direct Mail Effectively
* Evolve Symbiotic Partnerships
* Use One on One Sales Effectively
* Execute Successful Promotions
* Use Telemarketing For Results
* Employ e and Print Newsletters
* And, Lots, Lots More!

Tom and Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC have over 70-years of combined travel industry experience and their in-depth understanding of the home based travel agency opportunity combined with their enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, make this book invaluable if you have ever contemplated opening your own home based travel business.  Tom and Joanie have been training travel professionals for decades on the exciting and rewarding bus8iness boom that has transformed the travel industry forever.

Table of Contents
Since this book consists of 365 marketing strategies,
there is no table of contents for it