Go East Young Man!

Go East Young Man!

Jay Ternavan
Founder and CEO

Jayway Travel

Not everyone gets the chance to do what they love for a living, but in my case founding JayWay Travel almost ten years ago was the fulfilment of a passion for travel in Europe that goes back to my college days, when I studied abroad in Madrid. It’s been a decade of adventure, discovery, and the joy of helping travellers create unforgettable vacations in the most vibrant countries in Europe.

After finishing my bachelor’s in Business Administration at the University of Richmond, I moved to San Francisco to work with winemaker Ernest & Julio Gallo. I loved the job and the area, but I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing more of Europe. As luck would have it, the company was looking for a sales and marketing representative in Germany. Based there, I started to explore the continent.

After finishing the project in Germany, I moved to Prague, where I found a job with a relocation agency and traveled widely, enjoying extended stays living in Croatia, Poland and Hungary. Thanks to my extensive travels throughout Central & Eastern Europe, and all the wonderful people I met there, I really fell in love with the region. In 2006 I established JayWay Travel, motivated directly by this passion. Now, about 10 years later, we’re about to expand into 20 countries in the region.

JayWay Travel employs a team of local experts in Central and Eastern Europe, and every year we help thousands of clients have the time of their lives exploring the region. Interest is growing every day, thanks to the dynamism of these countries, each of which has its own unique culture and atmosphere, with numerous UNESCO sites and travel options from big cities to countryside villages, wonderful coastal destinations and everything in between.

Some cities in the region have begun to be discovered, but for the most part these destinations are less crowded than Western Europe, which makes it perfect for visitors looking to do something a little different, without foregoing the amenities. While Central and Eastern Europe remain relatively untouched, they are all very safe, with developed tourist industries and infrastructure, and local knowledge of English. And of course, the price is right. Costs here are more reasonable than Western Europe, as many of the countries maintain their own currency. With the current strength of the dollar, it’s one of the best travel values in the world.

If you’re a beach lover, the Adriatic is full of stunning beaches and gorgeous vistas in countries like Croatia and Montenegro. Slovenia is a gem as well, with charming Ljubljana and so much nature to explore. Central Europe has an atmosphere all its own, with the cosmopolitanism of Berlin, the history and beauty of Prague, stately Vienna with its incredible music and culture, historic Krakow’s Old Town and winding streets, and Budapest, with its unique spas and lovely atmosphere. And let’s not forget the Baltic region, where Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are fast becoming popular destinations for those who want to combine vibrant cities with adventurous outdoor activities and local gastronomy. Farther east, Jayway Travel offers destinations in Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, which are all exotic locations with a warm and welcoming culture.

These aren’t one-size-fits-all vacations. Every option we offer features tailored elements, so guests always have choices. The concept of JayWay Travel is that you get all the benefits of group travel without having to travel with strangers. We take care of the details from start to finish, including accommodation, transportation, tours and even restaurant suggestions. We have expert local sales teams and on-site staff, and every traveler gets a cell phone for the duration of their trip, so they can contact our local team whenever they need to. It’s a boutique and personal approach to travel in one of Europe’s most charming regions.

We only work with accommodations, drivers, tour guides and restaurant owners we’ve met and experienced first-hand. We’ve taken all of these tours ourselves, so we can recommend them wholeheartedly in good faith. And our happy customers speak for themselves.

My passion for travel has taken me around the world, and now it’s my pleasure to offer our clients the journey of a lifetime in a region of Europe that has so much to offer.