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Kelly Bergin

Kelly Bergin

When OASIS was founded in 2009, CEO Lee Smolinski and President Kelly Bergin wanted to do things differently. The dictionary defines an OASIS as something serving as a refuge, relief or pleasant change from what is usual and that philosophy has become the OASIS business model.

OASIS is a pleasant change and is proud to share many recent updates and improvements.

OASIS strives to be the host agency that gives travel professionals a pleasant change from the business-as-usual experience, offering the best possible opportunities to their agents.

OASIS is proactive among host agencies, anticipating and managing concerns and finding solutions before they become problems. CEO Lee Smolinski is the sort of professional with an “idea an hour” and he strives to remain current and relevant in an ever-changing business environment.

OASIS availability all day, every day with online booking engine: Featuring new B2C Booking Engines Today’s traveler wants 24/7 access to their agent and the expertise their agent provides.

OASIS agents have access to a comprehensive website to help establish them as a travel professional. A typical vacationer will spend many late night hours poring over potential vacation plans, continuing to sneak a peek at those plans and research throughout the day on their phone or tablet. Losing a sale to an online booking site because you may not have been available at 3am is one of the more annoying aspects of being a professional travel consultant. In response to this concern,

OASIS developed a proprietary online cruise booking engine that integrates into the agent website. This booking engine allows the customer to book any time day or night, any day of the week. The agent still receives commission on the booking and the customer receives all the advantages of working with a professional travel consultant.

OASIS has developed a similar proprietary hotel booking engine for agent sites that will roll out in the first quarter of 2016. These booking engines have the added convenience of being mobile friendly. Travel analysis indicates that over 50% of travel plans that will be made in 2016 will be made on a mobile device. These exclusive

OASIS website features give the agent the advantage in the shop-to-book conversion rate.

OASIS Commission Control for managing payments

OASIS has also addressed the commission tracking aspect of every agent’s business. Trying to keep track of commission on Excel spreadsheets or scrolling through a report trying to figure out what is due and what has been paid can be frustrating. With the new

OASIS Commission Control automated program agents can have up to the minute commission reports. Agents can access current and past statements as well as search for invoiced transactions, see open items, and track their commissions from any browser at any time.

OASIS New2Travel Training Program for new sellers of travel

Many assume that the career travel agent is a shrinking profession, something from days past. While the industry certainly has changed over the years, nothing could be further from the truth. In an age of information overload, a conscientious consumer needs professional advice to receive the best value for their vacation spending.

President Kelly Bergin noted, “Over 50% of the people inquiring about our host program wanted to become involved in our industry, but had no travel experience. The future of the industry relies on new people becoming well-trained travel professionals.”

This observation led to the creation of the New2Travel program. New2Travel is a comprehensive training program that allows an individual to have a fully functioning independent business in as little as six weeks from the time they sign up. The program includes a privately branded, personalized website along with email and print marketing campaigns to jump start their new business. Enrollees also have the flexibility to take longer, if needed.

OASIS Platinum Plan for Top Producers

OASIS recognizes that strong sales professionals are very busy and want to keep things simple. They also want value for the business they bring to the table. With this in mind, OASIS established a Platinum Plan for the top producing agents.

The Platinum Plan offers 100% commission on ALL suppliers with no fees. Platinum agents receive exclusive OASIS benefits such as the complimentary client base, client sweepstakes, auto email marketing with agent branding, enrollment in quick pay, personalized and branded elite website, associate agent program, and the AXUS itinerary builder app. All this and more is included in a flat monthly fee. No commission splits or processing fees. Everything the agent earns is theirs to keep. In an industry where 100% commissions for the agent is unheard of, the Platinum Plan is a game changer.

OASIS commitment to host and agent communication

OASIS has a newly updated website with the addition of an OASIS blog written by their new social media manager. The blog features agent news, firsthand destination highlights, social media tutorials and business tips to give their independent entrepreneurs the best information to succeed. OASIS also is committed to a continued social media presence understanding the importance of responsiveness and reputation in the digital world. In addition to the highly praised and interactive private agent and supplier Facebook forum, OASIS also has a LinkedIn group, Twitter, and an Instagram page. OASIS offers regular webinars with industry suppliers as well as ongoing training opportunities to keep OASIS agents among the best informed in the business.

OASIS agents sing the praises

OASIS agents agree. OASIS is the best host agency to join. Kim S. explains, “The addition of your new hotel/cruise packages is a real game changer for us smaller agencies and one of the reasons we associate with a large host agency. Too many hosts lack the willingness to pass these great perks onto their associates. I haven’t seen this level of commitment to independent agencies until now. Thank you for all you do for us. I’m sold on OASIS. Keep up the good work. Sometimes “free” is not better. I appreciate working with a group of professionals. Thanks again!”

Joe P. echoes her sentiments, “I joined OASIS 2 years ago because of their commission plan, but since then I have discovered that OASIS is so much more than a Host Agency with a great commission plan. They offer tremendous support to their agents including an incredible website, an impressive marketing program due to their association with Signature Travel, and impressive response times to any inquiries made. Because of my association with OASIS my sales volume continues to grow. Best decision I have ever made was becoming an agent with OASIS.”

OASIS annual sales conference and exclusive supplier tradeshow

OASIS announced all these new improvements at the 6th Annual Conference at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, November 3-4, just prior to the Signature Travel Network annual meeting that OASIS agents also attend. The OASIS conference has grown from 25 attendees in 2010, the first year, to over 150 in 2015. The theme of the conference was “Making Dreams Come True” capitalizing on OASIS President Kelly Bergin being chosen as godmother to christen the Emerald Dawn in Budapest, Hungary on the Danube River in August 2015.

During the conference OASIS recognized their Top Producers who were awarded with an exclusive all-expense paid trip Country Estates, Cuisine, and Culture to Wales in April of 2016. They received round trip airfare, lodging, and excursions as part of their recognition. OASIS also honored the annual OSSY award winners, OASIS Super Suppliers of the Year and OASIS Super Stars of the Year for both land and cruise categories.

After the awards ceremony, the conference concluded with first OASIS cocktail party and tradeshow. With nearly 40 vendors present, OASIS agents had a personal opportunity to talk in an intimate setting with industry suppliers from around the globe. OASIS is always looking for new ways to help our agents do well and grow in their profession.

OASIS is a pleasant change from what is usual. Agents interested in growing their business and earning more money doing what they love would be well advised to investigate the tools and the marketing that OASIS offers to make this possible.