Cruise Planners December LB 2017

Selling Group Video Tutorials

Here are video tutorials for agents that want to focus on selling group travel. Check back often as we are working on this topics and will be adding more videos shortly. Enjoy!

Developing a Group Travel Concept: If you are thinking about getting into the group business, this tutorial will get you thinking about it.

Kinds of Groups for Group Travel: Here is a look at the various kinds of groups that lend themselves for successful group marketing.

Creating Your Group Travel Business Plan: Having a well thought out business plan is mandatory to succeeding in the group market. Here is how to put one together.

Group Travel Packaging: Here is some great information about group travel packaging. f you sell groups, you will love this video.

Group Travel Costing: Here is a great tutorial for those that want to understand croup costing.

Pied Pipers and Group Leaders: Want to know what a Pied Piper is in the travel industry? Here is the answer.

Pied Piper and Group Leader Agreements: Here is a great tutorial for building your group leader agreements.  

Marketing to Group Leaders – Your Product Presentation: Great webinar on how to show your group tours to group organizers in the best possible way.

Marketing to Group Leaders – Marketing Strategies: Here is a great tutorial on how to market to Group Leaders.

Selling Affinity Group Travel: Want to sell your own groups and escort them yourself? Here is how.

Escorting Affinity Groups: Escorting affinity groups requires many things. It is laid out in great detail here.