The “Can-Do” Approach New Year’s Resolution Plan


By: Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC

Have you ever encountered a person that simply finds a way to make things work? Instead of finding reasons why something cannot be accomplished, they nod their head yes and find the solution instead of focusing on the problems or obstacles?

We have been remodeling a kitchen at our home here in Mexico and while I am going nuts with the chaos, I am astounded at the positive and solution-focused approach the workers have to the project. Jimmy, our pseudo contractor AKA Jimmy Fix-it, has taught me some very valuable lessons about how to approach challenges and offer solutions. Sometimes I find myself saying, “Oh, we cannot do that.” Without really being sure I do not have the ability to find a solution or make it work. It got me thinking last night about how important it is to approach sales and customer service with a CAN-DO attitude. In fact, this has now been added to my New Year’s Resolutions List for 2013.

* I will try to remove the word can’t from my vocabulary and instead will replace it with I can do this.
* I will look at an obstacle as a challenge not a roadblock. Finding the way around the obstacle will empower me.
* I will slow down and think about providing an answer with a solution instead of a problem.
* I will be empowered when I can-do something that I was pretty sure I could not do!
* I will avoid giving excuses why-not and focus on providing alternatives.
* I won’t kick myself when I make mistakes and cry in my beer. I will toast myself with a glass of good wine and be proud that I am taking responsibility for my mistakes and learning from them.
* I will ask for help. If I am confident that I can-do something with the help of another can-do person, I won’t hesitate to reach out.

I feel better already just having keyboarded my plan-of-action here. Happy New Year and let’s do this?