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Travel Professional Association – Why Should I Join?

What started out as a simple thread on the Travel Professional Community regarding the need for travel professionals to establish a “brand” similar to the “Realtor” brand to share with consumers the unique value proposition of using travel professionals has turned into a very real movement. The initial plunge was to develop an animated whiteboard video sharing the reasons why consumers should choose to book with a travel professional vs. booking online, direct with suppliers, through a big box discounter, a travel club and other alternative booking channels.


Here is where the effort stands as of today.

* There are currently 391 vetted members supporting the TPA effort.
* There are now 12 unique videos for use on social media, website and wherever.
* There are 14 unique meme
* There are several TPA logos for member’s use.


Here are some metrics on the effectiveness of the effort.

* The YouTube Channel that hosts the videos has registered almost 10,000 unique views.
* The four meme posted on the TPA and Home Based Travel Agent Facebook pages generated 41,159 views and 617 “Shares”
* There is no way to track the views on the 617 “Shares” but it is safe to assume that they were seen a minimum of 100 times per share for a total of a minimum of 61,700 additional views.
* This brings the total trackable views to well over 100,000.
* There is absolutely no way to track the views and shares from other members using the meme on their social media efforts and websites, however one gets the scope of the impact that members can have on influencing consumers as the unique value proposition that travel professionals offer.


 Here is why you should get involved.

* Establishing a unique “Brand” that only travel professionals can use will help separate travel professionals from all other sellers of travel.
* Only Travel Professionals can join TPA. OTAs, MLMs, card mills, network marketing companies, discounters and rebaters and other distribution channels cannot use the TPA logo or creatives.
* The TPA Code of Ethics keeps and Mission Statement was evolved by the members be insure that all members operate with a professional and ethical level consistent with the TPA “Brand”.
* There is absolutely no cost to become involved in TPA. The effort is funded by advertisers on the TravelProfessionalCommunity.com social community.
* There are only benefits for those supporting the TPA movement and no drawbacks. As an example, TPA members were invited to attend the upcoming CruiseWorld2013 trade show on a complimentary basis and were also included on Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas inaugural sailing at the end of the show. Look for more meaningful benefits to help you grow your business in the future.
* Suppliers are extremely interested in being able to touch vetted travel professionals that represent the best distribution channel available to them.


 Here is how to get involved in the Travel Professional Association.

* First join the Travel Professional Community Social Community. You will be required to submit information so that you may be vetted as a travel professional. There is no cost to join the community and there are currently over 11,700 members.
* Then join the Travel Professional Association Group after you have read the Code of Ethics and Mission Statement and agree with both. There is no cost to join.
* Incorporate the various videos, logos and meme into your online presence and spread the word why travel professionals are the best channel for consumers to book their travel.
* Also spread the word to other agents to do the same. Together we can make a difference.