An Interview With Chad Burt


Chad Burt

By Joanie Ogg CTC MCC


What’s New with OutsideAgents.com?

We’re very proud to announce the addition of our 2000th agent! In just 6 months we’ve added nearly 500 new agents to our program. Also, we’ve doubled our revenue with just a 25% increase in agents which means that each of our agents are selling over 60% more travel than ever before. How have we accomplished this? Simple:

We charge NO FEES!

We show you how to boost your profits on each sale!

We have one of the most active agent communities in the industry with nearly 1000 agents visiting everyday!

We give you technologies to lower costs including CRM, Revelex’s PowerAgent, free email marketing systems, and more!

You work directly with the owners when it’s convenient for you!

We create custom plans for our producing agents; so we can guarantee agents are getting the most from their relationship with us!

Who is OutsideAgents.com?

OutsideAgents.com is one of America’s oldest and fastest growing family owned and operated host agencies.

Given all of the challenges facing agents today, what is your take on how the Host Industry is addressing the needs of agents?

It’s very competitive out there. There are lots of great hosts in the industry that offer many great support models to agents. Just about every host in the business say they’re the best and offer the best tools, best commissions, and best support. That’s one of the reasons that the program at OutsideAgents.com is totally free; so you can try it out and see for yourself. If you think you’re getting a better value with another host, call us. We can create a custom plan just for you.

If there are lots of great hosts out there, why should agents consider OutsideAgents.com?

While I can think of dozens of great reasons to join OutsideAgents.com, I think the most important include that we deliver world-class technology, boost your profitability, and, most importantly, give you direct access to the owners of the company. Plus, we do all this for free.

We want you to spend your money on building your business. We’d rather see you spending your money on marketing, client relations, and normal business expenses than paying us. This way, your business grows faster. Our idea is that by helping you invest more of your money in your business, both of our businesses grow stronger in the long run.

Finally, the most important reason to join OutsideAgents.com is our accessibility. We give you access to knowledgeable people and valuable tools to help you make more money. Are you in a competitive situation? Talk directly with a decision maker at OutsideAgents.com. Need help marketing? Talk directly with the owners of OutsideAgents.com who have a collective 30+ years experience marketing travel agencies all over America? Want help implementing new technology? Talk directly with our Chief Technology Officer. With OutsideAgents.com, you always have direct access to our top people.

You mentioned your incredible growth. What is the core driver of growth at OutsideAgents.com?

People. People drive us. We believe that even in the technology driven world in which we live, it is in fact people that drive our lives and our business. With OutsideAgents.com, the people you work with on a daily basis will know you by name. You’ll know you can talk to the same person more than once, and you’ll know that every person with whom you interact is personally invested in your success. In fact, we are so committed to the success of our agents that we give you the owners’ personal cell phone numbers! The bottom line is that we’ll know you and you’ll know us. We’ll have a relationship that gets you everything you need to be truly successful!

So, what’s the bottom line at OutsideAgents.com? What should agents do next?

Try us out. Run one booking through us. Call one of the owners with a question. Even call one of them on their personal cell phone on a Sunday afternoon. Talk to some fellow agents in our community forum. Put us to the test. Get to know us. It won’t cost you a dime and we’re absolutely confident that you’ll be utterly impressed with your experience with OutsideAgents.com.

The bottom line is you should call us at 866.208.5604. Chad and Steve, the owners of OutsideAgents.com, will be happy to speak with you personally and help you boost your business any way they can.

Joanie Ogg CTC MCC
Joanie Ogg Marketing Group


Joanie Ogg is a thirty-five year veteran of the travel industry and has been involved with the independent contractor evolution since 1988. She is the principal of Joanie Ogg Marketing Group, which specializes in consulting and speaking on the topic of Home-Based Travel. She also provides marketing and sales for wide variety of products under the umbrella HomeBasedTravelAgent.com.

A demonstrated industry leader, Joanie most recently served as the President of the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents (NACTA) and TravelSellers. She and her husband Tom acquired NACTA in 1996 and sold it to The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) in 2000. Joanie’s tenure in the travel industry includes owning and operating one of the first successful host agency models. She has owned and operated several storefront travel agencies (both commercial and leisure), as well as a Hawaii wholesale tour company.

Her decades of success have garnered her numerous accolades over the years. Her accomplishments have been recognized by receipt of two Lifetime Achievement Awards from major trade groups, being named as one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in Travel” by Travel Agent magazine on several occasions, voted as “Travel Agent of the Year” by the readers of Travel Trade magazine, and has been recognized by many other industry organizations throughout her tenure in the industry. In 2008 Joanie Ogg was inducted into the CLIA Hall of Fame, an honor held by some of the most influential executives in the travel industry.

Joanie is a Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) and a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC). Joanie has co-authored two popular travel industry books for cruise specialists and home-based travel agents and has authored hundreds of travel trade articles. She has inspired tens of thousands of travel agents attending her presentations at trade events, cruise seminars, international trade gatherings and numerous local educational venues throughout the United States. With a time-honored background and forward-looking vision, she is often featured as a speaker at many of the travel industry’s major conferences and events. Joanie’s speaking talents are widely sought as a travel industry emcee by the most recognized travel organizations. She has emceed such events as Cruise-A-Thons, ASTA’s CruiseFest, The Trade Show, The Travel Institute Forum and all of NACTA’s National and International Conferences.