Sharing 50 Years of Experience to Help 2014 Be Your Best Sales Year

A letter from Brad and Van Anderson, Co-Presidents of Avoya Travel


Dear Travel Professionals,

Happy New Year! January marks an exciting time for our industry with the anticipated start of Wave Season and the commissions that follow; however, we want to share a personal reason why 2014 is a remarkable year.

Fifty years ago our parents, Pat and Pal Anderson, first entered the travel business. Like many of you, they were entrepreneurs at heart, struck with wanderlust and the desire to create a life of travel when they purchased a Hawaiian tour company in 1964. Three generations later, we are working hard to help other travel business entrepreneurs be more successful than ever as Avoya Travel Independent Agencies.

Like you, we have weathered the challenges each decade of change has presented by always looking to the future and how we do business in this industry. Our company name and business model may have changed over the years, but our family’s and company’s core values of Integrity and Professionalism have not.

Today you know us as Avoya Travel, and as Avoya we are proud to serve as a Host Agency to independently owned and operated travel agencies across North America and beyond. With pioneering and innovative programs such as Live Leads™ and Shared Success™, the Independent Agencies in our network are earning more moneyand living lifestyles of success.

We want to be your Host Agency so that together we can all be more successful than ever. Choosing the right Host Agency for your business is a significant decision, and we hope you will considerjoining Avoya and build your business along with all the other successful Avoya Independent Agencies. We’re confident the next 50 years will be even better.

We look forward to having you join our family in 2014!

Best wishes for success,

Signature-Brad-Anderson-cop                SignatureVan

Brad Anderson                                      Van Anderson
Co-President, Avoya Travel                     Co-President, Avoya Travel

To learn more about Avoya Travel please visit www.JoinAvoya.com or call us at 888-446-3209.


Why Join Avoya Travel?

Avoya Travel is committed to helping independent travel agencies, like you, live a lifestyle of success! Here are a few key factors that set Avoya apart in helping you grow your business and make more money:

1. Exclusive Live Leads™ and marketing to grow your business and generate amazing income
2. Award-winning Travel Agency Operating System™ technology to streamline your agency
3. American Express affiliation and award-winning brand reputation that customers trust
4. 24/7 live supportand professional development resources to maximize your agency’s potential
5. Plus, so many more reasons! Click here to find out more.

Avoya is currently looking for passionate agency owners and experts who sell cruises, tours, and vacation packages, and who run their businesses with Integrity and Professionalism™. Consider making a change for 2014 and turning this year into your most successful one yet with Avoya.

Call us today! We want to be your host agency and help you earn more money. For more information call us at 888-446-3209 or visit www.JoinAvoya.com.