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California Seller of Travel Law and Travel Consumer Restitution Fund

California Seller of Travel Law

California requires all sellers of travel who market, sell or arrange travel in California or to California residents to register with the Attorney General’s Office and to display the CST registration number on all advertising.  Sellers of travel must pay an annual registration fee of $100 per location to the Attorney General. All sellers of travel whose business locations are in California must also register with the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) for participation in the California Consumer Restitution Fund.

The California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund

The California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund exists to compensate people who purchased air, sea or land-based travel (either alone, or in conjunction with other travel services) from a registered California Seller of Travel. If the consumer did not receive what they were promised (or in case of business failure) they can file for compensation from the Fund.  Registered Sellers of Travel Domiciled in California are required to participate in the Restitution Fund by paying $330 per business location initially, and periodic assessments to maintain the TCRC fund at $1.6 million. You must join the Restitution fund before filing an application to the State Attorney General’s office to register as a Seller of Travel.  (The Fund will issue you a receipt that is to be included with your CST application).

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For an application contact:

Travel Consumer Restitution Fund
P.O. Box 6001
Larkspur, California 94977-6001
Telephone: (415) 461-8065
Visit the TCRC website to file an application online.

If a travel seller does business with California consumers, that travel seller must be registered, no matter where the seller is located.  In addition, the law requires that certain disclosures be made, in writing, at or prior to the time payment is made.

Key Contact for Registration Information:

Seller of Travel Program
Office of the Attorney General
300 South Spring Street #5212
Los Angeles, CA  90013
Telephone 1-213-897-8846
Fax 1-213) 897-8846
E-mail: sellers.travel@doj.ca.gov

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