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The newest success is coming from travel professionals that are marketing with video.  It is the way to get the edge on your competition and show that you are an expert at what you do.

Video gives you a great opportunity to create quality content based upon your expertise.  The more video you can get out there the more you can share the fact that you are the travel professional to work with.  Many of you are committed to a travel niche to build your businesses.  Video is the perfect way to show the World that you are an authority in your niche.  A video of you explaining a specialty or reporting from a specific location speaks volumes to your expertise.

Video works because it drives home your message to the person watching.  This is the best way to be able to repeat your message and name several times so it gets stuck in your potential client’s memory.  We get so much advertising every day it is hard to get your message across and have it remembered.  Video is a great branding tool as well.

Another benefit of video is the positioning of your website on search engines.  They say that it is 50% more likely that your site will be listed on page 1 on Google if you have a website with videos.  In our business that is a very valuable position to be in.  It is also proven that videos create a much higher retention rate than mere words.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words?  How about a one minute video which equates to 1.9 million written words?

Speaking of Google, I bet you didn’t know that 99.5% of people do not click past the first page.  This is a great reason to have more than one domain by the way.

We understand a video of about 2 minutes duration is the best at capturing the viewer’s attention. You want them to watch the entire presentation.  Keep it to the point as the viewer will then move on to your supporting information on your website.  Hopefully they will contact you via your email link for more specific information.  What a great way to develop new customers.  People love to share their plans with friends and videos are a perfect vehicle to show off.  It could get you referral business too.

So now let’s figure out how to get you on YouTube.

The process to set up your YouTube account doesn’t take too long.  Guess what, you do need a Google account to do it so if you have one then you have already made the first step.

To create a Google account, first then just follow this simple procedure:

Open your browser and go to www.youtube.com.  You will be on the homepage then click on the “Sign In” link that is up near the top on the right corner of the screen.

The sign in screen will appear, click the “create an account” button which is where you will create your first step which is the Google account.

Fill in the details with your first and last name and create a user name and another password to remember!  When you enter an email address make sure it is your business one.

The Google name you select will also be your YouTube channel name so you might want to use your firm’s name or motto. Something that is related to your business that is easy to remember. The system will generate a free Gmail account for you.

Just a couple more stepsand you will create your “Google Account Profile” where you can upload a photo.  There are steps listed to do just this.  This is also the place you can upload your logo instead of a photograph.

Once that is done, click back to the YouTube button.  Google will email you back on your new Gmail account to verify this new address and then another G mail will give you details about your new account once you have verified it from the first email.  You might want to save this information until it gets stuck in your head.

Now you can transform your Google account into a YouTube Channel.

Go back to www.youtube.com and sign in using your new Google account name and password.

Once you are in you will see the picture that you downloaded.  When you click on that then the “Google Account Menu” will open.  It is right there near the top right corner of the screen.  Click on the “My Channel” and then the “Create Your YouTube Channel.”  Then click on edit where you can customize your profile.  This is the public information that people will see when they click on your videos so it is important that your contact information is in there.

Find the “Activities” button.  There you will see four options such as like a video, comment on a video, favorite a video and subscribe to a channel.  Just put a checkmark on the ones you want your watchers to be able to do.

Click on the OK and you are now in the video business.

The next step will be to start uploading your videos to your new YouTube channel.

Now it is time to set up your plans for the production of your new videos for the YouTube channel.  Set up a production location and keep it in place.  You may be shooting in your office or hopefully on location during a trip you are on.  If you are planning to start your video career in your office, think in terms of the backdrop, lighting and type of video recorder you plan to use.  Have it set up all the time so  when you have an idea for a new video, it is ready to go.

When you shoot on location, take note of the sun to make sure you are not backlit and your face shows with plenty of light.  While you are talking make sure you shoot your face as a close up then you can edit the scenery or destination in as a separate shot.  Stay away from signs, elevators and doorways as they can be distracting to you and your viewers.

If you are shooting in a busy or noisy location make sure the microphone you are using is directional so it picks up your narration and very little of the surrounding sounds.

You are going to want to make a shooting schedule so you can provide regular content for your channel. In this way your fans will anticipate a new video and keep checking the channel for a new one.  Plan to schedule the series of the material you want to present in advance to keep it interesting and to coordinate the videos with your promotions.

We ask the old question, “How to you get to Carnegie Hall?”  Practice, practice!  Speaking on video is a totally different feeling then when you are speaking to a client and most of us hate the sound of our own voice!  To be a video expert you must learn how to get good on camera, this is too important not to spend time on it.

As you feel more comfortable in producing videos great ideas will keep coming out of your head for new videos and presentation of products you sell and love.