Carnival Cruise Lines Specialist Program

Web Address: www.carnivaluniversity.com

Sponsor: Carnival Cruise Lines

Overview of Program: The Carnival Online University program is designed to benefit your agency and your clients as well. Their goal is to make your job easier by helping you become a better advisor and consultant to your clients, while providing them with quality, fun vacations. The program is divided into 7 chapters, each covering a different aspect of Carnival Cruises followed by a quiz. You can take your time and work through the course at your own pace. Much of the program refers to online resources included at the Carnival.com and BookCCL.com websites. Explore the links to increase your “Fun Ship” expertise. You can also download a printable mini workbook, including each chapter’s “Try This” exercises and Quiz from the Carnival Online University web site.

Eligibility Requirements: All travel agents that are registered online through Carnival Cruise Lines Travel Agent website.

Benefits: This program will provide product training to benefit both your agency and your clients. You will receive a certificate and added incentives through Carnival Cruise Line.

Cost: FREE

Contact: Carnival Online University at www.carnivaluniversity.com.