Acapulco Academy Program

Web Address: www.aca-academy.com

Overview of Program: The Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau invites you to embark on a virtual learning voyage through Acapulco. This three-tier educational program includes a Study Course, FAMtastic Inspection Trip and Bonus Points program. The program is designed to expose you to Acapulco’s finer selling points. Acapulco Academy’s Program will bring you up-to-date on all that Acapulco has to offer your clients as a complete vacation experience – and, most importantly, it will boost your agency’s profits! The training experts at Destination Ventures, Ltd. will show you how to sell Acapulco – its classic sights and its hidden treasures! Become thoroughly versed in the basics, secrets, and profit potential of Acapulco, from its colorful Spanish Colonial history to its 21st century enhancements. You’ll come away with knowledge and resources to convert consumer interest into real profits. Both the full-color Course Guide and online lessons are full of dynamic photography, detailed maps, and insider tips on selling Acapulco, the “Queen” of Mexico resorts.  You’ll take quizzes along the way to reinforce your knowledge. You’ll learn about Acapulco’s world-class golf, eco-adventure outings, newly discovered archaeological sites, sumptuous dining, and 24/7 fiesta atmosphere.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all travel agents.

Benefits: Registrants will have access to electronic versions of key sales materials, available on-demand, in full color and ready to email or print for your clients. Graduates receive a color diploma, window sticker and lapel pin. The Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau has an online database on its www.visitacapulco.com.mx website, providing you with consumer leads as their nearest “Acapulco Expert”. Course users are able to chat with other users via our innovative online bulletin board/chat room. Expand your knowledge and make friends with other Acapulco-selling agents. A Quarterly Newsletter will be distributed to your desktop containing Acapulco updates and sales tips. Graduates will be enrolled in the Bonus Points Program enabling you to earn rewards from your  Acapulco bookings.

Cost: FREE

Contact: www.aca-academy.com