Aussie Specialist Program

Web Address: http://specialist.australia.com

Sponsor: Tourism Australia

Overview of Program: The Aussie Specialist Program is designed to help you increase your commissions by selling Australia more effectively, dealing more efficiently with customer enquiries and providing superior service when planning the perfect itinerary for your customers. The online course is designed to address all the issues of dealing with customers, and will help to improve your service level. The on-line learning environment also allows you complete flexibility throughout the course – learn in your own time and at your own pace. There are four modules to complete, each with a short exam which needs to be passed with a score of at least 85% before you can move on to the next module. Once you’ have completed all four modules, the final exam will test your knowledge – successfully complete this and you qualify. Each module covers various aspects of Australia: introduction to Australia, features and attractions of each state and territory, building effective itineraries and using your Aussie Specialist status to your best advantage. Your membership lasts for 12 months from the date you register, and to remain on the program, all you need to do is complete our renewal quiz. The renewal quiz is designed to ensure that you are kept up to date with developments in the Australian tourism industry.

Eligibility Requirements: All active retail travel agents in UK/Europe, North America, Asia, Japan and New Zealand.

Benefits: Benefits vary based on your home country. The following are the benefits agents from North America receive (For agents from other countries refer to the benefits section on their web site: http://www.specialist.australia.com): An invitation to participate in the annual trade show held in Australia Corroboree; special deals on Vacations to Australia for your personal use, access to order collateral materials including maps, posters, t-shirts; receive a hard copy of Australia’s 435 page ‘big book’ (The official guide to Australia’s Tourism Products and Services); an opportunity to apply and become a Premier Aussie Specialist; access to the Aussie Specialist Help desk; members’ online message board to converse with other Qualified Aussie Specialists; Aussie Specialist Certificate; access to an online A-Z Australian Directory; Monthly e-newsletter featuring aviation updates, marketing tips, product updates and selling tips; invitation to ongoing educational and training seminars throughout North America; invitation to become an Australian ‘State Specialist’ and access to place Australia.com dream planner on your agency website.

Cost: Free to all agents who are seeking education, training and information on Australia through Tourism Australia. The Travel Institute offers the ‘Test Only’ for a cost of $35 (I am not sure why anyone would pay it).