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British Virgin Islands Specialist Program

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Sponsor: Travel Agent Academy (Performance Media Group) in conjunction with the BVI Tourist Board.

Overview of Program: Find out what secrets make up the natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands. This lush destination boasts more than 60 islands that offer a world of opportunity for travel agents. Its low-key Caribbean lifestyle welcomes all visitors…and all agents who through this course will become honorary “BVIslanders””, as well as BVI Specialist graduates. Study the three seminars on BVI. The various links, videos and photo montages will also help discover more on the destination. Pass the quiz that follows each seminar. The quizzes are automatically scored, so you’’ll know how you’re doing right away and you will have the opportunity to go back and correct any mistakes. Once you pass all three quizzes, you will qualify as a BVI Specialist!

Eligibility Requirements: All US and Canadian travel agents registered with Travel Agent Academy.

Benefits: British Virgin Islands Diploma and exclusive use of a British Virgin Islands Specialist logo (both immediately downloadable upon graduation), eligibility for a BVI fam trip on successful completion of training, priority in cooperative promotional activity with the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB), priority in inclusion in BVITB presentations etc. and incentive gifts based on established productivity.

Cost: FREE to all travel agents interested in expanding their knowledge base of the British Virgin Islands.

Contact: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board at for benefits and visit or via e-mail at  for seminar functionality or specialists certificates.