Cancun Tourism Institute Program

Web Address: www.cancun-cti.com

Sponsor: Cancun Visitors and Convention Bureau

Overview of Program: The Cancun Tourism Institute (CTI) is a multifaceted, three-part educational program created on the belief that knowledgeable and motivated “Official Cancun Counselors” are the most effective sales ambassadors for its destination. The program demonstrates how Cancun is much more than a “beach vacation” – it is a complete vacation experience. The program provides everything you need to know to create a complete, well-planned trip for clients, whatever their needs or interests. The course (CTI 101) is designed to learn the secrets of selling the perfect Cancun vacation to suit every interest, become thoroughly versed in the basics, secrets and advanced profit potential of Cancun – from its colorful history, to its present development as a vibrant resort and convenient hub for further exploration of Mexico and the Mayan World. CTI 102, the Field Trip course, combines classroom style education with hands-on exposure to Cancun’s varied vacation product. Trips are built around “themes,” allowing agents to select specialized topics of greatest interest (i.e. golf, weddings, Mayan culture). On-site seminars will be followed by the three days of field trips. The CTI 102 Field Trip course concludes in Cancun with a graduation ceremony awarding Official Cancun Counselor status (and benefits) to agents who successfully complete this phase.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all North American travel professionals.

Benefits: CTI 101 graduates will receive a diploma, window sticker, lapel pin and a “Cancun Counselor” logo to be used in yellow page ads, business cards, flyers, etc. via mail upon completion. You will also receive consumer leads: The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau will allow consumers to search an online database of local “Cancun Counselors” via zip code or area code searches. As a Cancun Counselor you will receive a Quarterly Newsletter, gain access to the online bulletin board/chat room and be able to participate in their Loyalty Program. The Loyalty Program allows you to track room night production and receive “loyalty points” based on room nights and room category sold. Agents may use the rewards for personal travel, or may transfer/sell the rewards at their discretion.

Cost: The program is FREE if you choose to take the course online using their interactive e-learning center. If you choose to study off-line a printed “Study Guide” is available for a shipping and handling charge of $12.99 US.

Contact: www.cancun-cti.com