Guatemala Specialist Program

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Sponsor: Recommend Magazine

Overview of Program: The Guatemala Specialist course is a three-part series in which you will first familiarize your self with lecture content, followed by an assignment that will require you to link to other web sites and then complete the quiz for that section. Here is a breakdown of each of the 3 lesson components: In Lesson One you will get to know Guatemala and its regions. This general destination lesson describes its various regional assets, contrasts and main destinations. The online lesson portion of each segment will include links to information that details the print information. Lesson two explores their culture, archaeology, adventure and eco-tourism. Focus is on the culture and archaeological attractions in this heart of the Mayan World, with explanations of the main archaeological sites, accommodations and the natural preserves around them. In lesson three you will be introduced to the specialized Markets, meetings, festivals and guidelines for selling Guatemala. Details on the growing meetings / incentive market, as well as selling cultural festivals and infrastructure will be presented. Once you have completed all the lessons and passed the respective quizzes you will be given the designation of a Guatemala Specialist.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all qualified travel agents that register for free as members of Recommend’s online Education Center.

Benefits: Through this program you will gain knowledge on the destination to successfully sell Guatemala travel to your clients, earn a certificate as specialist and qualify for special fams, rewards and contests.

Cost: FREE to registered travel agents of Recommend’s Member Education Center

Contact: www.recommend.com