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Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist Program (KATS)

Web Address: www.kenyaagent.com

Sponsor: Kenya Tourist Board

Overview of Program: The online program is designed especially for travel agents to become Kenya Authorized Travel Specialists (KATS). You can learn all about how your travel clients can experience a different “safari” everyday in Magical Kenya. By investing a few hours of your time, you can learn everything you need to know about becoming an expert on promoting and selling Kenya. You will be provided information of the wide range of Kenyan travel safaris for visitors including wildlife, scenic, cultural, beach, adventure, sports and special interest travel. The course also provides you with access and ongoing communication with the Kenya Tourist Board and top Kenya suppliers and operators – helping you to stay on top of new trends and developments in Kenya. On the site, you can learn about the latest developments in travel and tourism, order our colorful travel brochures, access splendid images highlighting our magnificent scenery and attractions along with newsletter announcement templates, and most importantly take advantage of a host of resources at your fingertips to help you sell Magical Kenya. Once you have passed the online test, you will become a KATS travel agent. For those who complete the KATS program, a Master KATS program is also available which provides greater benefits. In order to move to Master KATS status, agents must complete a seven-day escorted trip to Kenya or prove they have taken such a trip in the previous five years.

Eligibility Requirements: Any travel professional willing to register and take the online training course.

Benefits: The Kenya Tourist Board provides promotional kits plus regular updates on product news, marketing opportunities and special offers. It soon will announce a series of KATS fam trips. For the Master KATS program only, the tourist board refers consumers to agents, matching prospects and agents geographically.

Cost: FREE

Contact: (866) 44-KENYA; www.kenyaagent.com