Do You Have the “Enthusiasm Epidemic”?


Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

There is no denying it, enthusiasm sells. While economic times are challenging, keeping that enthusiasm at high-octane is essential. It is a funny thing how we may not feel very enthusiastic one moment but as soon as we experience someone who is, we catch that virus and without even trying we spread it.

At a recent travel industry event, that “enthusiasm” virus spread like an epidemic! Experienced and new agents all shared the desire to learn and enjoy the process. The Enthusiasm Epidemic was alive and well.

Travel professionals are always willing and able to up their games. In fact, if a non-travel industry individual were to have experienced this upbeat mood, I suspect they might wonder what kind of kool aid we were all drinking. How in the world could our industry be so focused on creating a better business future for ourselves in the face of world terror threats, health epidemics, global warming weather challenges and of course the obvious trend of people bypassing agents and booking online? I say the last with tongue and cheek as all of you reading this know better then that.

Certainly there are many struggling with money challenges, difficult customers, the need to have two jobs, low margins and an overall concern for the future. All the more reason to stay upbeat and pass on the “Enthusiasm Epidemic” to everyone in your life and forge ahead seeking out the areas of growth and prosperity that are out there. Put your enthusiasm to work for you and spread this disease to everyone you come in contact with and watch your business grow.