Florida Seller of Travel Law

Florida Seller of Travel Law 

The law requires any person or business who is a seller or promoter of travel related services to register annually with the Department, unless exempt. Sellers of Travel are required to provide proof of assurance in the form of a performance bond, in an amount not to exceed $25,000, or $50,000 if they sell vacation certificates.  In addition to the bond or L.C., you must also pay an annual $300.00 registration fee to the Department of Agriculture and Division of Consumer Services. As of July 1, 2008, an annual filing fee of $50 is also required for each independent sales agent (s.559.928, F.S.)

Persons who have contracted with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) for 5 years or more under the same ownership and control are not required to register but must have a statement of exemption issued by the Department in order to obtain an occupational license.

For more information visit or contact the Seller of Travel direct line at 1-800-HELP-FLA (calling from Florida) or 850-410-3800 (outside of FL)

Here is a link to the Florida Seller of Travel Registration Package


Key Contact for Registration Information:

Terry Rhodes Building
2005 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32399-6500
E-mail:  cswebmaster@freshfromflorida.com

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