Cruise Planners December LB 2017

Get Groupin’


What travel agent doesn’t love landing a big group?  Groups are great money makers!  Working with groups, however, an agent faces many challenges:

  • Relying on a group leader to get the information out to everyone in the group
  • Miscommunication about the group details
  • Promoting the group
  • Maximizing TC’s
  • Collecting multiple payments on multiple payment dates
  • Reminding everyone of their upcoming additional payments
  • Generating additional revenue by promoting supplementary products such as insurance, pre and post options, to name a few
  • Keeping client information safe and secure



My Booking Genie from solves all of these problems.  Using patent pending technology, their agents now create micro-sites for their groups in just a few minutes.  An example can be seen at

These sites contain all the information the clients need including supplementary products and options, travel itinerary, accommodation categories, payment information, and legal disclaimers.  They also allow the client to actually register for the trip and send the agent their payment information in a highly secure encrypted (think near military grade) pdf.  The system even sends out payment reminders on dates set by the agent.

Perhaps most importantly, My Booking Genie micro-sites feature social network integration which enables your clients to promote your brand and your group at no cost to you.  Think about it.  You send a micro-site to a church group who then posts it to their facebook page and now every member of the congregation sees the upcoming trip.  Or, think of a family member who posts their family reunion trip to pintrest and now, the agent gets an extra booking because Cousin Johnny, who they haven’t seen in years, saw it and booked the trip for old time sake.  Think about what would happen if a college group got ahold of a micro-site for a school trip.  One agent using My Booking Genie for such a group saw a 10 cabin group explode to 108 cabins in under a week.  Even if an agent didn’t get a single extra booking, consider the hundreds, if not thousands, of extra potential clients would see the agents name and brand.

At the end of the day, groups are groups.  They can be extremely profitable but hard to manage and challenging to promote.  Today, nearly a thousand of’s agents have discovered the magic of My Booking Genie and all it can do to boost profits and reduce hassles with groups.