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Great New Program Additions for Travel Quest in 2014


Travel Quest has been hosting agents across the United States since 1998. We pride ourselves on our personable customer service, industry-leading commissions, and dedication to staying on the cutting edge of the travel industry. With Travel Quest, you’re a name, not a number.  2014 has been a busy year for us so far, and we have a lot of new programs we’re excited to share!

TQ National Meeting

We know our agents love an opportunity to get together, and so we are VERY excited to announce our first-ever Travel Quest National Meeting! We have developed a jam-packed, content-rich day full of opportunities to learn and connect.

So what are some of the highlights?

  • 16 different breakout sessions on subjects ranging from marketing to accounting to social media, travel trends and more!
  • 4 Agent Panels – There will be four panels presented during the course of the day, with topics including sub-agents, developing your niche, planning FIT and maximizing your income.
  • 2 Study halls –guided sessions for some structured thinking time on two key marketing subjects
  • Discovery Concourse –This open, casual time during the day will give agents an opportunity to visit with staff and key vendors
  • Awards
  • Prizes
  • Happy Hour

Content Crusader

Social media is the future of advertising but how do you find time and content to post and keep things engaging, especially in the busy season? Our new program, Content Crusader, comes equipped with sections for:

•  Content (including images, videos, articles, trivia and more with suggested posts)
•  Best Practices for facebook, pinterest, and SEO optimization
•  Facebook “How to” Videos
•  Tips for Social Media Engagement
•  Vendor Marketing (co-branding) resources

We have hundreds of catalogued posts, each tagged so you can sort through and find what content is most relevant for YOUR specific business.

New Specialization Programs

Through our partnership with Travel Leaders, we have brand new certification programs in two new areas of specialization: Luxury and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. With great vendor partners, these structured training certification programs are fantastic for both agents new to travel and agents looking to grow in these niches.

TQ Network: Facebook Group

Newly created to make networking and learning from your peers more immediate and social, we introduced a new private Facebook group called The TQ Network. While we have an online agent forum where agents can post, respond to and search questions, many agents love the interaction and instant connections that you can establish using facebook. Now our agents have even more ways to connect!

TQ Gives Back

We know that giving back to your local community-based and non-profit organizations is important, and that it can not only fill your soul but also make for good business networking and differentiation. This program empowers our agents who have local connections, to give back!

So… who has a school, church or other local group that they belong to? Do those folks travel? Wouldn’t they love an opportunity to raise money for their organization? Now they can… when they work with you.  So when our agents spread the love, and Travel Quest will match your donation up to $200!  This can be a great tool for our agents to tap into new clients and group sales opportunities.

The TQ Ticket Newsletter

This short but informative newsletter is for independent agents who are interested in learning more about TQ, but don’t belong yet! We send out a monthly email to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the travel industry, answer your FAQs, invite to events around the country and, of course, get to know Travel Quest a bit better.

Education Incentives and Discounts

One thing that we are very passionate about here at Travel Quest is helping our agents further their education. Right now, we are giving all of our agents that complete Travel Leaders’ Certified Travel Specialist Program or the Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Associate program credits for direct mail/emails.  On top of that, we have teamed up with the Travel Institute to offer our IC’s a discount on their classes.  If you’d like more information on our other incentives, please contact us!

Fantastic Programs and Service, Every Day

Our host program has the widest range of commission plans in the industry, and we offer outstanding marketing, training, networking and technology tools to enable our agents to succeed.

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