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Growing Our Family Business Change is Good, In Fact it is Great!


Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

Before reading this article, I must share full disclosure. I am a very proud parent of an amazing young man and this feature may seem boastful at times. As a Mom, I simply cannot help myself and I hope you will read and enjoy.


Tom and I have been business partners for just under 35 years. We started our first company, Windansea Vacations, a Hawaii tour operator serving travel agents all over the United States back in 1981. We married in 1982 and here we are 2016 enjoying our business partnership as much, or more, now then we did then. I think back on our first company and how we wrote our first business plan on a cocktail napkin at a bar here in San Diego in 1980. For those of you who know us well, that should come as no shock. We are so grateful to be a part of this amazing industry and we thank our lucky stars every day that we went down the paths that we did.

Our son Andy was born in 1983 and has enriched our lives every day. We were blessed to be able to show him so much of the world being in this industry and he enjoys a rich and deep understanding of the many diversified cultures in our world and understands the wealth of experience travel provides. I guess we always wondered if he would have interest in this business, however as good parents we felt we had to let him find his on direction. Little did we know that he would change direction after a few years in another completely different industry and realize our dreams of having him as part of the family business.

Present Day

Andy joined our business in July of 2015 and moved to San Diego with his family fulfilling yet another of our dreams of having he and his growing family close by. They had lived about 2 hours away and it was just far enough to make frequent visits challenging on the freeways of Southern California. These last 6 months have been simply amazing on both a personal and business level.

As a very happy Grandmother to beautiful Peyton Marie Ogg, I have been able to shorten my workweek by one day and enjoy what I like to call Pey Day, a day for just Grandma and Peyton to enjoy life. I take her to swim lessons and we hit the park, go to lunch, play ball and I am in heaven each Pey Day. I thought that with Andy joining the company, I would have loads of time to shop, go the gym and basically slow down the work side a bit. NOT! Yes, I do have my Pey Days, but I am now working more hours then I did prior to July! The funny thing is, I am so excited about our business and work is more like fun again. Andy’s energy and enthusiasm to build and grow our business has set both his father and I on proverbial fire. We are totally reenergized and excited about the new ideas and direction that the company is taking. I have always admired the family business model and have enjoyed watching families like the Andersons at Avoya Travel and other travel companies who have been able to grow and succeed together in business. Now this is reality for the Oggs!

The Future

Now that Ogg Marketing Group has been officially established, we have so many exciting things to share with our travel agent partners and friends. Here is just a brief overview of some of the new things happening now and on the agenda for 2016.

Travel Professional News has been one of our monthly publications since 1999. It was a somewhat basic HTML email that hosted for a great avenue of education and engagement for Travel Professionals. In July of 2015, we stepped up the game into a full-blown E-Magazine with interactive engagement and the ability to create and manage much more interesting and engaging content. The future holds no end for Travel Professional News and having our son as an editor for the publication only shows further growth. We have begun working with destination based tourism boards, as well as many new clients that bring valued products and services to travel agents of all kinds. We plan on further expansion of the Travel Professional News publication, including some theme-based issues to start at the beginning of 2016.

HomeBasedTravelAgent.com and FindaHostTravelAgency.com our popular websites will be undergoing a facelift in 2016, so be ready for some new and interactive options. We are really excited to have a new set of eyes on the design and implementation of these improvements. We continue to focus on our support of travel agents and providing the education and resources that fuel their success.

Webinars and Hosted Chats will be a key element of Ogg Marketing Group’s educational offerings in 2016. Our very popular and well-attended events will be something you won’t want to miss. Be sure you are on our email list to continue to get notifications and information about new events taking place. Click here to subscribe or to make sure you are on the list!

Needless to say, 2016 is promising to be a busy but exciting year for the Ogg Marketing Group and we continue to push ourselves as a family and individuals to further grow an already awesome business. The Ogg Family is grateful to be a part of the travel industry and for the many relationships we cherish with our travel agent partners. Happy New Year to all of you and “Cheers” to a successful and outstanding 2016!