Home Based Travel Affiliate

Home Based Travel Affiliate

Turn Your Website into a Virtual Money Machine

Home Based Travel Affiliate is the first book of its kind in the travel industry. It explores the fabulous opportunities that travel agents with websites can exploit for maximum revenues. Travel agents with a web presence can participate in contextual advertising publisher networks to start making money immediately and then use some of the hundreds and hundreds of travel affiliate programs to make even more money. This opportunity is just blossoming and now is the time to cash in on it.

Tom Ogg, the author of the book, has been active on the web since 1996 and has created, built and sold for tremendous profit sites such as CruiseReviews.com, PortReviews.com, and Cruise-Chat.com. When Tom sold his cruise review complex the sites were generating a monthly 5-figure income from Google AdSense alone. Other affiliate websites were paying into the revenue stream , as well.

Tom shares his personal experience and knowledge in a way that will enable everyone reading this book. With years of experience in the contextual advertising and affiliate environment that is travel industry specific, he shares tips on all aspects of being a travel affiliate that will propel you into success.

Home Based Travel Affiliate will show you how to;
* Make as much money as you want as a travel affiliate.
* Understand why the travel industry is ready to explode for Affiliate marketers.
* Understand how to maximize contextual advertising revenues.
* Understand the paradigm Web 2-0 has presented in travel and how to take advantage of it.
* Purchase custom travel websites for pennies on the dollar.
* Find sources for tens of thousands of pages of free travel content to build your websites.
* Optimize web pages for maximum click-throughs on affiliate ads.
* Understand SEO and profit from it.
* Create online travel communities and successfully manage them.
* Understand the 10 things search engines love and 10 they hate.
* Tweak your advertising network ads to make more money.
* Add user travel content to your site in volumes.
* Avoid the mistakes most affiliate marketers make when first starting.
* Understand travel affiliate marketing opportunities and profitability.
* How to build your website (s) so they maximize your income.
* How to market your site (s) without cost and increase traffic.
* And lots, lots more!

This book will introduce you to concepts that will change the way that you think about the Internet and your future in the travel industry.

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