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Interview with Steve Gorga, CEO Tourism Holdings Inc.



Steve Gorga
Tourism Holdings, Inc.

We recently spent time with industry veteran Steve Gorga right after he announced his return to the industry as CEO of Tourism Holdings, Inc.  Many of you may know Steve from his career at American Airlines, Sabre, Utell and most recently Travel Impressions.  Here is what Steve had to say:

So what are you now up to Steve?

I have recently joined a company called Tourism Holdings, Inc. as its CEO.  Tourism Holdings is a holding company that was formed by private investors who are investing in the travel industry.  My role is to provide leadership to companies that are invested in or acquired.


What is Exclusive Group Travel?

Exclusive Group Travel is the first company that is part of Tourism Holdings Inc.  We are currently very focused on group travel to about 150 fully curated all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.  We also offer a full FIT/Individual Travel program to each of these destinations and resorts.

Why did you decide to join Tourism Holdings, Inc?

As you know I left Travel Impressions on the last day that American Express owned it. The acquirers already had a CEO and 2 Co-Presidents and certainly did not need another one!  While I was offered a great role, I felt it was time to leave and wish them all only the very best.

My new role affords me the opportunity to create, develop and grow a company from scratch.  Because of that, we can be highly innovative, adaptable, and nimble.  I already love it!

What is it about Exclusive Group Travel that should interest travel agents?

First of all, it is a company that is only available to travel agents.  The Exclusive Group Travel Brand will not allow consumers to book with us directly.  They must go through a travel agent.  In addition it has service as its common thread throughout the entire company.  Since my start in the industry with American Airlines during its heyday, I have been all about being the best one can be.  I commit to the agency community that Exclusive Group Travel is a company that they can be confident in, and they can be comfortable that their customers will be treated like “gold” by the employees of our company.   In addition they can be assured that each of our resorts, and group operators have been chosen with great care, and will never disappoint their clients.

What else can you tell us about Exclusive Group Travel

We recently launched our website  We are getting great feedback from our customers already. We are continually hearing that we have the best “on line group technology” in the industry.  In addition we are hearing the clarity and ease of navigation is superb.  Our group technology enables the agent (if they so desire as we also have a fully staffed call center) to manage much of the group on line, by being able to add or upgrade transfers, book pre and post stays, add payments, etc.  We have 24/7 customer service and a great Exclusive Group Travel’s Protection Plan featuring Cancel for Any Reason.

You sound very excited about your new role Steve.

I am very pleased to be back in our wonderful industry.  I remain committed to the travel agency community and greatly respect it. If anyone would like more information about the company please email me directly at or call me on my direct line 516-828-8202.