It’s coming…2014! What are your New Year’s resolutions for your business?


Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

Just before the end of each year, I try to make some time to set some resolutions for the coming year. These may be business and personal and it is likely that one will benefit the other.Some business resolutions and may flow over into my personal life and be of value. My resolutions focus primarily on how I will do better at what I do in the coming year. Aren’t we all striving to maintain a better work-life balance? I know I need to address some business weaknesses I have. To that end, I did some research and read several articles that helped me to dial in on those areas that I need to work on in 2014. I hope some of these ring true to you and help you to continue to succeed in your businesses in the New Year.

Learning to delegate.

Being somewhat of a control freak (Tom might say a total control freak), I feel like I can get it all done and that teaching someone else to learn and complete some of the work tasks would just take too much time and energy. “I can just do it myself.” Does that sound familiar to any of you? If so, join me in the quest to learn to delegate in 2014. To that end I have already started to work with someone who can assist me with our Webinars and Chats. In fact, she will probably do it far better then I.

Make monthly business plans.

Change is one thing we can all count on. In our business we need to be flexible and every changing like a chameleon. Instead of dealing with regular changes in a crisis mode, I am going to strive to study my past month and my next month’s goals and change up the plan if need be. The beauty of owning and operating your own small business is that you are probably the only one who even knows you have changed things up. Everyone will just think you are brilliant when the updated plans bring results.

Learnsomething new.

I have already started on this resolution. While it is a personal goal, it needs to have my commitment in time to make it successful for me. We are to be grandparents for the first time in April and I am teaching myself how to crochet. I want my grandbaby girl to have a blanket made with my tender loving care. It may sound like an unimportant goal to learn to crochet, as it has nothing to do with business. Wrong! While I sit in the evening and teach myself to crochet I would have otherwise been at my desk working. It is forcing me to turn work off for at least an hour or so and wind down. For me this is a very revealing phenomena. The workaholic disease is a tough one to cure; however I think this resolution planning really tends to keep me on track.

Perhaps you will choose to learn a new software program; read a new business book at least once a month; maybe even write a book; force yourself to get out of your office and make some cold calls on local business or whatever you feel will give you a fresh and productive perspective.

Make time for yourself.

As mentioned previously, I am taking some me time to learn a new skill. You might choose to take one afternoon a week and take a 2-mile walk in your neighborhood. It is amazing how many new and interesting ideas pop into our heads when we allow ourselves time to listen to our minds. This resolution may well be the hardest to do. I for one feel guilty when I have work to do and I am flaking off. The lesson I have learned taking some me time has been invaluable. I am more centered and simply happier when I am working.

In closing, I wish all of you a blessed holiday season and a very happy New Year and continued success and joy in your business and personal lives.