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Marilyn Macallair
V. P. of Business Development
Passports Online

By Marilyn Macallair

If you are a member of TravelProfessionalCommunity.com, you know the importance of the web in your world. You visit this site on a daily basis to communicate with fellow colleagues, learn from each other and keep current. Remember, your customers are doing the same thing and for that reason, your web presence should be extremely important to your business.

Passport Online Inc has been the leader in travel agency website products for the last 15 years. Today, we are the power behind the websites and extranets of the majority of the consortia and host organizations in the US. We also power thousands of individual travel agency websites supporting their businesses with content from nearly 100 of the key leisure travel suppliers. We work with the most well respected travel industry suppliers. We aggregate their content and enable our travel agents to share this content with their customers via their websites.

As a partner with HomeBasedTravelAgent.com and the TravelProfessionalCommunity.com, we have recently created a presence in some of the forum discussions. We want to be sure you know we can help you if you are “New to the Industry” or if you have a niche or a specialty such as “Honeymoons & Destination Weddings“.

If you are not currently following our blog or following us on Facebook, we also encourage you to do that. Through these discussion areas, you can learn from our team about the latest trends in website content, in social media, in travel agency marketing and sales. http://blog.passportonlineinc.com/

Here are just a few of the topics we have recently tackled:

Why do you need supplier content? Because your customers want to “shop” and see what options are available to them for their next vacation. If you don’t have supplier content available for them to shop, you’re not giving them the opportunity to see all the vacation options that are out there from your preferred suppliers. Customers need choices.

Why else? Supplier content adds credibility to your site. Exciting, accurate, content that is updated daily shows your customers that you are a legitimate travel agency. Supplier content also allows you to highlight and sell YOUR preferred suppliers in just the way you want to. Are you a specialist in African safaris? Then showcase those offers prominently!


Do you know the phrase, “If you build it, they will come?” Well, with websites that doesn’t work very well. You can build it, but if nobody knows it’s there, they won’t know to come. So your question is, “how do I get people to come to my website?” One of the answers is by getting ranked higher in the search engines.

“Okay…,” you ask. “How do I do that?” With our websites it is easy. Search Engine Tools are found on each page of your site.


We are working with many in the Travel Professional Community today. We would love to help you create, relaunch or enhance your current website. Please give us at (503) 626-7766 or email us at sales@passportonlineinc.com.