Meme Your Way to Social Media Success


Tom Ogg

Sharing great content is what makes social media attractive from a business perspective. Reaching new potential customers is why social media should be a part of your marketing campaign. There are many ways to share content on social media such as video, infographics, ebooks, reports, destination guides, port guides, ship and resort reviews, links, lists and so many more it becomes dizzying.

Having used many of these successfully, I thought I would share how to use different types of content in articles with specific instructions on how to create and use them in your social media marketing.

This month we will take an in-depth look at the Meme (pronounced Meem) For the purpose of this article, we will define an Internet meme as a graphical and textual statement, opinion, comment or humor shared on social media for the purpose of engaging viewers with a specific message. If you look up memes in Wikipedia you will find that they have been around long before the Internet was created and has a much broader definition.

Memes are effective in social media because viewers are attracted to the easy to read message and promise of humor, wit or some other engagement. Successful memes may be shared numerous times. We have had memes that went viral and reached hundreds of thousands of consumers. Here is an example of such a meme.

How to Create Your Own Meme

The best thing about using memes is that you do not have to have any graphic design experience or expertise. And, they are free to create so you can create as many as you would like. All you need is an idea for a catchy meme and a couple of minutes to create it.

Here are some of the best meme creation websites:

ImgFlip.com: ImgFlip isn’t the biggest site, but it is my favorite. It not only allows you to create memes using their extensive library of images, but you can upload your own image to create a meme. ImgFlip also gives you the ability to easily create .gifs and graphical pie charts which are both excellent social media content, as well.

MemeGenerator.net: Here is another website that allows you to generate memes from their extensive library of images. They are constantly adding new images and they offer a search function to locate images you are looking for. You can also create your own meme image.

QuickMeme.com: QuickMeme.com is another meme generation site with some unique pictures that you can use.

MemeDad.com: This is an easy to use site with tons of pictures and you can upload your own, as well.

Meme as Marketing Tools

Memes can really spread the word to new potential clients because of their very nature. They beg to be shared and liked on the various social media platforms, but there are several considerations.

Branding, branding and branding: Be sure that your memes are consistent with your branding efforts and are in line with the image that your brand projects. Use images and textual comments that support your brand in a way that confirms what you are trying to project. If you sell luxury travel, use appropriate images with sophisticated content. If you specialize in selling river cruises, the same is true.

Include Your URL and Logo if Possible: If your meme is shared, people will have no idea where it came from. Always include your website address in small type wherever it is most appropriate. Readers will see it and visit the site just to see what is there. Every time we boost a meme with the TPC url we get new travel professional members from it. If you can work your logo into the image, so much the better.

Create Your Own Images: Graphics creation software has become so easy to use that you can create your own images. Or, you can visit sites like fiverr.com and hire someone to create an image for you for very little money. If you want to shout your brand, you can get a series of images created that you may use in the memes.

Consider Using Watermarks: One way to be sure that viewers of your meme know that you created it is to use a watermark that includes your name, logo or website address. Watermarks are easily created and there are several websites that allow you to embed them into your photo online. WaterMarks.ws is an example of one.

Avoid Controversial Topics: Memes are perfect for making statements on controversial topics but avoid doing so at all cost. Political memes, religious memes, or other topics should be avoided since they may find potential clients that are offended by them because they have a different position or belief.

Keep it Fun: The best meme is one that people enjoy and want to share. By keeping your Internet memes fun and engaging you will add a quality element to your brand and viwers will be more likely to reach out to you.

Internet memes are an excellent way to grow your social media presence and are also fun to use. Give it a shot. Visit one of the meme creation sites and create your first meme and share it and see what happens. Best of luck with it. I hope you get a ton of new clients from incorporating memes into your social media marketing.

Have Fun!