NEXpect More from Your Host Agency


By Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE

President of Nexion, LLC

It’s a NEXciting time at Nexion® – the industry’s most dependable, full-service host agency since 1995 – as we continue to grow and provide independent, U.S.-based travel professionals of all experience levels with the tools, education and support they need to reach their full potential.

Nexion® continues to be recognized within the travel industry for its integrity and outstanding sales performance, along with its innovative member programs. Our key philosophy is to help our members Be NEX in everything they do. Whether corporate or leisure, or both, Nexion® has a solution to help our members grow their businesses.

NEXceed Earnings Expectations and Earn More: As a member of the Nexion® family, you will earn what a passionate travel professional should earn: up to 90% of commissions with more than 140+ air, cruise and land preferred suppliers.

NEXpand Your Network and Make Connections: Through Nexion, you will work with some of the most supportive people and suppliers in the industry. These partnerships will help give you the confidence and connections you need to succeed on your own terms.

NEXplore New Opportunities and Learn & Grow: Nexion provides you with resources, tools and guidance to help you develop professionally and personally, including virtual classroom training, a program for new agents that lets you earn commission while you learn, and mentorship programs.

NEXperience a Better Way and Work Smarter: Nexion will support you with technology tools and other resources that help you manage your business and simplify the booking process. These include access to multiple booking, reporting and administrative tools; your choice of GDS; a point-and-click, Web-based air, car and hotel booking tool for agents who don’t have a GDS; and more.

NEXcite Your Clientsand Show Your Value: Nexion gives you the marketing muscle to consistently showcase the latest travel offers along with your value as a travel professional, keeping your agency top-of-mind throughout the year.

Be NEXceptional. Be NEX! Discover more at nexion.com. Or call us at 800-747-681, email sales@nexion.com and visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/nexionllc!