FREE Equipment, NO Monthly Fee, Flat Rate Processing, Fixed Fees!


NO Monthly Fees, FREE Equipment, Flat Rate Processing, Fixed Fees, are all nice attention grabbers but what do they really mean. These are things to considering a high risk travel merchant account and weighing options such as Square, PayPal or an account direct through a merchant processor. Words to keep in the back of your mind, You get what you pay for! Offers such as no monthly fees, flat rate processing, or fixed fees, are designed to grab your attention with the hopes a merchant will not take the time and realize that the flat rate you are paying far exceeds the overall amount you would be paying on a tiered pricing merchant account with minimal monthly fees.

No monthly fees are often indicators that you will not have access to LIVE customer support, your Customer Support inquiries will be directed through email correspondences. All of the above, and unexpected reserve holdbacks, and funding delays are very common issues high risk merchants who have switched to NTC from these other providers have complained about.

The importance of customer service is something that is over looked when merchant compare the overall cost of monthly fees with their merchant account. That is, until the moment they need assistance with their account. Whether searching for missing deposits, having problems processing transactions, issuing refunds, processing voids, or questioning their billing statement. A merchant should always remember, you get what you pay for. If you wonder why they can offer you no monthly fee, they are offering you no LIVE customer support. Customer support for them will come via means of email. You will wait hours for answers, and even days for a resolution.

Free Equipment Offers, Words to the wise, Nothing in life is free! This is a lesson many businesses have learned the hard way. Free equipment offers usually are followed by fine print on the contract which states you will be charged an outrageous amount if that terminal is not returned within days of the account closure, or that you are required to “Buy-Out” the terminal at the end of your contract. Although we do not offer Free equipment, we offer you equipment at our cost, No Markup!

Leases, pay a little every month sounds great to those business starting up and are on a budget, but they do not realize these lease contracts are almost always, non-cancellable and have a big buy-out at the end of the lease, or huge penalties if the equipment is not returned. Keep in mind, the average cost of the terminal ranges from $100.00 to $300.00 to outright purchase and own the equipment.

As for us at NTC, we believe that knowledge is power – If a merchant understands the industry, it makes our jobs easier when speaking to them about the operation of their account and when clarifying billing questions. Knowledge of the industry and how it affects your business, is something that our merchant account specialists will take the time and explain to all customers, new and old. We welcome your questions and feel that no question is insignificant. The more you know, the easier it is to understand how your merchant account effects your business.

A little about who we are, NTC is a Merchant Processor. We offer credit card acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Debit, JCB, Discover, and Union Pay. We offer several different ways of accepting credit cards, via a terminal, mobile devices, or via e-commerce websites. We offer additional services such as Next Day Funding, Gift Card, EBT, and Electronic Check Services. We offer all potential customers a no pressure free analysis of their processing needs, as well as a free comparison of rates and fees to those potential customers who are already processing with another merchant provider.

We acknowledge that we may not be the best fit for some companies, and we will let our clients know this if that is what our analysis determines. So don’t limit your options before obtaining your free, no pressure, comparison or analysis. Let us help you save money and get the most value from your merchant processor. Contact your high risk travel merchant account specialist at 888-996-2273 and visit our website at www.nationaltransaction.com for free valuable information.