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OASIS Host Agency Chat

Kelly Bergin
V.P. Business Development

Sandy Elson, MCC  OK folks, let’s get started! —  Our Guest Speaker today is Kelly Bergin from OASIS. Welcome, Kelly!
Kelly Bergin – OASIS Hi Everyone!
Sandy Elson, MCC  First, a few words about Kelly —  Kelly Bergin became Vice President of Business Development with OASIS in 2009 —  after spending over 20 years in the travel industry. —  She has owned two of her own travel businesses, specializing in leisure travel. —  Kelly also worked for Funjet Vacations and Princess Cruises as a Business Development Manager. —  After moving to Florida with her husband, Michael, Kelly worked in real estate technology for a couple of year —  However, when that company was sold, Kelly’s love of travel led her back to the travel industry to develop and manage OASIS —  which is one of the fastest growing host agencies in the country today.
Kelly is on the Board of PATH: Professional Association of Travel Hosts, —  the CLIA Agent Advisory Board, and serves on the leadership committee of South Florida NACTA. —  The travel industry is Kelly’s passion!! She will tell you that she has found her dream job at OASIS —  helping new sellers of travel launch their careers and helping established agents grow their business and become successful entrepreneurs. —  So again, Kelly, welcome! We are so happy that you are here with us today. Kelly let’s jump right in. How is OASIS preparing for 2015?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  We are preparing for 2015 by helping our agents prepare for 2015  It’s not too early to start. In fact soon it will be too late. We will be celebrating the holidays before we know it!
Sandy Elson, MCC  That’s the truth. Can you give us some specifics of things OASIS is doing?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  One major thing we are doing is creating websites for our Basic plan members…  We have 3 plans and now only Pro and ELite members have websites, but… beginning in Dec. all agents will have the ability to sign up for a website…  The best news is the Basic plan fee of $39 will not change and it will include a fabulous , professional looking site.  We believer in this day and age every agent needs a website. You can’t do business without one anymore
Sandy Elson, MCC  Excellent! Kelly, how many agencies belong to OASIS? Does OASIS tend to have beginning agents, agents with some experience, or experienced agents?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  We have about 550 agents now with all different experience levels  We welcome people with a year or with 30 years. Full time or part time
Sandy Elson, MCC  Is OASIS an acronym for something?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Yes…it is for Outside Agents Sales System.  We are also helping to launch 2015 at our sales meeting in Las Vegas in November  This is the perfect time to learn and get excited about the new year to come.  We will have roundtables, workshops, study labs and lots of fun
Sandy Elson, MCC  Is this a yearly meeting? Is it in Las Vegas every year?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Yes, yearly meeting and the best part is….it’s FREE. Just get to Vegas and pay for your room.  We have a contest going on now where agents can win free hotel stays
Sandy Elson, MCC  Good deal! What other kinds of training and/or mentoring does OASIS offer?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  We have a mentoring program that newer agents can sign up for..  They will be paired with a more experienced agent and have unlimited email access to them  We have training webinars..  On Demand training through Signature University..  We are a member of Signature Travel Network.  This university includes Nolan Burris, Sophie Bujold….
Sandy Elson, MCC  Wow. Impressive! —
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Cahterine Heeg and many more.
Sandy Elson, MCC  What advantages to OASIS members and/or clients does your relationship with Signature allow?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Thank you! Lots of training at your fingertips  Oh….this can take hours to explain…but let me give you a few examples…  Rich amenities for your clients on ships and in hotels…OBC, Spa Credits, always breakfast at hotels…  These things can help close a sale…  We also have fabulous technology  CruiseTrack is invaluable and I will explain..  An agent can track a specific cruise itinerary and email alerts will be sent out anytime a price or amenity or itin changes…  so imagine if you book a client and the price goes down…  You will be alerted and contact your client before they contact you. Perhaps with a better price or an upgrade. You are now the professional and the hero!
Sandy Elson, MCC  Wow! We usually have to keep checking the prices ourselves! Kelly, you mentioned that the Basic Plan will remain at $39 for 2015. What is included in the Basic Plan, and what are the other pricing plans?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  It is best to visit www.oasisagent.com/plans to find out what’s included and the prices. Basic $39…Pro$59 and Elite $79
Sandy Elson, MCC  Do agents sign a contract?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Elite includes our whole marketing system which is the best in the industry
Sandy Elson, MCC  Is that a monthly cost?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Agents sign an agreement and they can cancel at anytime with written notice  Yes the $39, $59 and $79 is monthly
Sandy Elson, MCC  Kelly, two more questions from me. First, in your bullet points for this Chat, you said, “Let’s crunch the numbers.” Can you explain?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  If agents want to know more about our marketing please visit www.oasisagent.com/webinars and listen to one or register for an upcoming webinar.  Ah yes…crunch the #’s!  So if  Let’s crunch the numbers: On preferred suppliers we pay our agents all the commission less a small processing fee. Let’s take a look at how this plays out.  $300 commission: With OASIS you receive $271 80/20 split = $240 70/30 split=$210  $500 commission: With OASIS you receive $471 80/20 split = $400 70/30 split=$350  or….$1000 commission: With OASIS you receive $941 80/20 split=$800 70/30 split= $700
Sandy Elson, MCC  Those are big numbers! —
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  I copied and pasted so it would not take me long to show how much more you can put in your pocket than what you might be at the moment
Sandy Elson, MCC  And for my last question, it’s my favorite question: If our agents are looking at host agencies to join, how does OASIS stand out from the others?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Example: One of our agents moved to us after she gave away $16,000 on a World Cruise. We would have charged $99
Sandy Elson, MCC  Yikes
Tom Ogg  Wow! That is motivating.
Sandy Elson, MCC  Did you see my final question?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Our commission program is the best. And just because you pay less doesn’t mean that support suffers. We are known for our support and the tools we have for agents are second to none. Give us a try. If it doesn’t work out you have lost nothing.
Sandy Elson, MCC  Kelly, thanks for all this information and for how fast you type! OK agents, I’m now opening up the discussion for your questions. What would you like to ask Kelly?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  I am drinking lots of coffee!!
Tom Ogg  Kelly, when you say to give OASIS a try, do you accept agents that also work with another host agency?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Yes, we do. Some agent have their own CLIA and book some suppliers on their own and some with us. Just crunch the numbers and find out where you are going to make the most and what is best for your clients. We may have amenities that you cannot get on your own.
Paul Kerlinger  Ok, I”ve been in the travel world since 1983 when I finished college and joined TWA Getaway tours in sales. Since then I’ve been with AMEX business center and Carlson Wagonlit travel, now since I was laid off I’ve made a association with another host agency,
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Hi Paul… you may want to give us a try if you are looking
Paul Kerlinger  However, I’m having trouble attracting business in my home town because I’ve lived and work in other locations besides here. How do you recommend to build a client list?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  2 things I would recommend right away…
1. Social media because your clients do not have to live where you do…
2. BNI – Business Networking International or a networking group at your local chamber. Get out there and meet folks. These are two ways to do that. Then put them on your email list and communicate persistently  By the way our email program will create and send emails for you with your branding!
Julianne Ray  Regarding emails … what is required for the list?  Obviously, email addresses.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Clients will receive targeted emails that are specific to their interests
Michelle Santiago, ECC  I want to finalize and get paid commissions for bookings that are already in the pipleline and under my current agency’s IATA Can I book new /future bookings under Oasis IATA while finalizing with my current agency bookings? Who’s Iata list would I be on for my own personal travel?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Julianne…let me ask my email guru…Lisa..one moment.  First name, last name, email address , phone
Shirley Ann Sauber  Is there a place on the web or Oasis that shows what suppliers you work with. If there are certain Tour Operators I prefer can I find out what commission level you have from them.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Michelloe…ABSOLUTELY! Many agents do this when transitioning.  Shirley….send me an email to Kelly@oasisagent.com and I will send you the list
Michelle Santiago, ECC  I currently use CB+ and then enter each of my booking into my companies website to get my commissions paid. How are agents commissions tracked at OASIS?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  You will love this…..
Julianne Ray  Can we go to emails again? I have had problems with servers … one spam report and they blacklist the list, etc. Is that common?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Michelle – We create invoices for you in CB. You do not have to do that. Our accounting tracks commission after you have reported your booking in our system
Valerie Jeffers  How soon after the trip do we get paid?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  We do not have a problem with emails because Signature sends them and they meet and monitor all email requirements
Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC  Does Oasis over leads
Michelle Santiago, ECC  Does that also mean that you have all of my client information and do you market to them directly? I got burnt with an agency set up like this before and they market to my clients are I left. That is not cool.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Valerie – If you are an Elite member you get paid as soon as we receive the commission. Otherwise it is after the client travels. We direct deposit on the 5th and 20th of each month.  We NEVER market to your clients. You will have your own branch in Clientbase and login to that.
Sandy Elson, MCC  More questions for Kelly? Jump right in, folks. Joanie had a question about leads, Kelly.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Joanie, we do not offer leads. Our marketing system creates leads for the agent and therefore more “sticky”
Samuel Seua  I have question on he commission split is it 80/20 split
Michelle Santiago, ECC  I am almost ready to sign up. I am glad that I joined this discussion today. I also love that you are in FL like I am.  If we live in FL, can we come and visit your office?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Samuel – No not for preferred suppliers. It is a small processing fee. You can see examples earlier in this chat. Non preferred are an 80/20 split
Sandy Elson, MCC  Kelly, if an agent joins one of the membership plans, can s/he move to another plan at some point?
Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC  What about E & O Insurance Kelly? Can you share OASIS policy on that?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Michelle – Yes come visit us anytime. Let me know when you can.
Julianne Ray  What about competitive group cruise rates? How do any group rates you have compare with places like Online Vacation Center? I just lost four huge bookings because they seem to have unbelievable pricing. There was a difference of about 3,000! That would have been lots more than my commission.
Michelle Santiago, ECC  I will probably come down next time i visit family in Pt. Saint Lucie.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Our agency E&O covers all IC’s. However, remember that it is a $2500 deductible. So if you want a lower deduct. then we recommend you get your own E&O  Julianne – We have (literally) 1000’s of groups that you can book into for better pricing and amenities.  OVC packages many things and so that may have been it.
Sandy Elson, MCC  More questions for Kelly? Kelly, see my question above when you can.
Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC  Do you have an annual conference?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  We had an agent today that was competing with Costco and I mentioned to her to look at our groups. She did, booked into it and matched Costco.  Michelle- just let us know when you will be here.  Joanie.. yes, annual conference is coming up Nov. 4-8. It’s free!!
Sandy Elson, MCC  Vegas, baby!  Kelly, if an agent joins one of the membership plans, can s/he move to another plan at some point?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Sandy – Yes an agent can upgrade plans anytime. Vegas, baby!!!
Julianne Ray  On the contrary, can an agent downgrade plans? As you know, Kelly, I’m just finishing a few things up before I join.
Sandy Elson, MCC  Can you tell us more about Signature Travel Network? What is it?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Julianne – Yes after one year.  Looking forward to you joining Julianne!  SigTvl Net is the oldest consortium/co op in the country
Shirley Ann Sauber  Is there a list of preferred supplies available to see on your site.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Visit www.signaturetravelnetwork.com..
Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC  Just to add my two cents… Signature is a great consortium!
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  You will find out more. It has $5 Billion in buying power and the best marketing technology in the industry. Ask one of your local BDM’s what they think of Signature and they will tell you it ROCKS!!  No preferred list on our site. Please email me.
Valerie Jeffers  What name are you under with the Website, your own business name or an Oasis name?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Thanks Joanie! I couldn’t agree more.
Sandy Elson, MCC  Kelly, can you give us contact information again? Website for OASIS and telephone number if one of our agents wants to talk to someone about Joining?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Valerie, we want all of our agents to BRAND themselves. It is your domain name and logo and info
Valerie Jeffers  Perfect thanks!
Sandy Elson, MCC  What if an agent already has a website?
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Sometimes we can feed our content to it and sometimes not. Would have to have that discussion
Sandy Elson, MCC  Great! Let’s wrap up with OASIS contact info
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Kelly Bergin Kelly@oasisagent.com www.oasisagent.com.  Oh and 800-613-8380 ext 5120!
Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC  Thank you so much Kelly…great information!
Sandy Elson, MCC  Well folks, our time is up. Fast hour! Thank you to all the travel agents who joined in this Chat —
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Thanks for joining everyone!!
Sandy Elson, MCC  the transcript of this chat will be available soon in our Chat Archives Group —
Tom Ogg  Great Info, Thanks Kelly
Sandy Elson, MCC  and many thanks to Kelly Bergin from OASIS!!
Shirley Ann Sauber  Thank you Kelly and Sandy!
Kelly Bergin – OASIS  Bye for now
Sandy Elson, MCC  Great information about a great product, Kelly. Thank you!!
Julianne Ray  How do we go to the chat archives?
Sandy Elson, MCC  Julianne, it is one of our groups in our Group area
Julianne Ray  Thanks Kelly. I’m looking forward to Las Vegas.  Thanks.
Kelly Bergin – OASIS Thank you everyone!
Tom Ogg  Or click on the “Chat Archives” link in the Hot Links on the Main PageKelly Bergin – OASIS  It was my pleasure to chat with all of you…:-)Sandy Elson, MCC  Thanks, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your day.