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OASIS Welcomes New Sellers of Travel


Kelly Bergin
Vice President Business Development


OASIS Enhanced Future Agent Sales Training (F.A.S.T) Accelerates Learning for New Agents

We recently spoke with Kelly Bergin, vice president business development at OASIS, a division of Smart Travel Group, Ltd. We asked Kelly to explain how OASIS enhanced F.A.S.T. program contributes to its overall success.

OASIS has once again reported record earnings, with a 40% increase in sales for the first three quarters of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012. How did you achieve such remarkable growth?

The answer is simple, our agents are the secret to our success. OASIS agents are dedicated professionals. And, through the exceptional purchasing power of the Signature Travel Network, they can provide their clients with access to outstanding tour and travel offerings.

To what do you attribute the rapid growth of OASIS and its ability to continually attract new agents?

The cornerstone of OASIS has always been giving agents 100% commission on preferred suppliers, minus a small processing fee. For example, on a $4,000 booking with a 15% commission ($600) this will equate to less than 4.8% of their commission versus the typical 20% to 30% that is often deducted. We also provide our agents with state-of-the-art technology.

Sometimes when I mention technology it puts people off. What I mean by technology is having easy to use tools that help agents market to, and communicate with their clients. Giving agents 100% commission has made our program very attractive.

Can you tell us about the training and support that new agents receive?

I am excited to announce that OASIS, in conjunction with the Travel Institute, recently launched its new OASIS U, a turnkey program that was designed to enhance the existing F.A.S.T. (Future Agent Sales Training) system. We have created a roadmap for new sellers of travel to follow. By incorporating training, coaching, and one-on-one mentoring, new agents can seek advice and guidance from an experienced agent, whenever a question or challenge arises. We recognize that people who are new to the industry are very important, so we developed the comprehensive, user friendly F.A.S.T. Future Agent Sales Training to help them jump-start their career.

How does the F.A.S.T. training work?

OASIS F.A.S.T. program is a set of self-paced online courses, which may be taken anywhere, anytime. The instructions take the learner through a carefully designed, step-by-step process, which provides them with the knowledge and skills to begin their new career in travel in as little as three months.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of the F.A.S.T. program:

Customized curriculum with over 45 courses on sales, supplier knowledge, social media strategies, business techniques, and more;
Booking engine access (Sabre Cruise, Signature Travel Network, Freedom);
Free annual sales conference and regional meetings;
Ability to book travel while training;
Ongoing educational webinars and business development support;
Membership in the Mentorship Program.

Mentoring seems to be an important component of the OASIS F.A.S.T. program, can you explain how it works?

The OASIS mentorship program is designed to help people who are new to the travel industry, begin a career as an independent travel consultant. The mentorship includes unlimited email correspondence with your mentor, a 15-minute per week phone consultation with your mentor, and a 30-minute monthly conference call with a designated F.A.S.T. coordinator. By checking in with a mentor on a regular basis, new agents quickly gain confidence. An important part of this process is maintaining accountability to the mentor, this keeps new agents focused on achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

The OASIS F.A.S.T. program seems really comprehensive. Does it prepare new agents for the competitive marketplace that exists with the many booking options that are available on the Internet?

That is a really good question. Internet-savvy travelers are likely to compare offerings and prices. One of the training modules available to our agents is Nolan Burris Virtual Boot Camp. Nolan provides agents with scripts and techniques that help them overcome objections from net surfers. He also shows them how to effectively use Google, Facebook Bing, Twitter and Yelp to mine data and grow their business. After a person finishes F.A.S.T. they can opt into our marketing system, which is the best in the industry. Websites, emails, print mail and relationship building greetings are all designed and delivered to keep our agents top of mind with their clients.

What is the investment that a new agent needs to make in order to enroll in the OASIS F.A.S.T. program?

The F.A.S.T. program costs $399. It is a small investment for anyone who is interested in a new career in the exciting travel industry.

How can someone get started?

Everything a prospective future agent would like to know, as well as a sign-up form is on the OASIS website at: http://oasisagent.com/FAST We are always excited to welcome new agents to the OASIS family.