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Owning of Your Agency Brand – with the help of ARC


For a travel professional, there are limited barriers to entry and many tools to help you run your business along the way. The different models you can choose from, mix and match, to run your business are endless—and partnering with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is one.

As an ARC agent, you’re given the confidence that clients are buying from you, rather than just the supplier … and you should own it! ARC offers agents the independence they need to create their own business identity with a unique ARC number (an identifier for travel suppliers) provided throughout participation, plus cutting-edge, revenue-generating tools to help you create a more streamlined, efficient business. These products and programs offer valuable—and commissionable—experiences for travelers and facilitate a welcomed stream of revenue for you, the agent.

While participating with ARC, you’re provided with a toolkit of solutions, including:

  • Travel agency service fees (TASF) program, which provides you the ability to accept credit cards as the form of payment for travel-related professional fees, either through a GDS or ARC’s tool, Agent’s Choice
  • Revenue-preserving fraud prevention services and alerts to help you access risk in your business and be aware of travel’s most current fraud schemes
  • More than 10,000 bookable, commissionable destination activities, shore excursions, visa and passport services, and car rentals on ARC MarketPlace
  • Enhanced market visibility and recognition as a top-tier travel agency through Agency List File, which serves as a reference guide of agency accreditation and contact information for the industry
  • A broadened supplier base
  • Access to industry training and educational webinars for professional development

And, perhaps most importantly, more money in your pocket with full commissions, thanks to your individual ARC number. Your agency’s commission earnings and independence are directly tied to this identifier—no more splitting commissions!

When deciding to join ARC, there are two options agents can choose from, each suited toward a different need: ARC’s Accredited Agency Program or our Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) Program. The main difference lies in the ability to directly issue tickets. As an accredited agent, you have the authority to directly issue air, bus and rail tickets through a GDS, with access to ARC’s first-class financial settlement services and more than 200 carrier partners. With these benefits does come a vigorous application process, which includes a minimum cash deposit of $20,000 to ensure commitment.

But on the flip side, ARC’s VTC program is tailored to the growing number of agencies that do not directly issue tickets through a GDS, but perhaps indirectly through other means, such as a host or a consolidator. VTCs are often storefront, home-based or even hosted agencies selling leisure travel, and these agencies are still provided all of the other benefits ARC participation offers!

So it’s important to pick the program that works for your current business needs. We know these needs can sometimes change, and that’s why ARC also offers the flexibility to change your participation level at any time.

Interested in joining ARC? Visit our participation site at www.arccorp.com/participation or call us at 703-816-8085 to get started!