Avoya HBTA Top LB Jan 2018

Marketing Mania For Travel Agents

Author: Tom and Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

2018 Edition Marketing Mania For Travel Agents

This book offers the reader easy to follow steps on how to successfully market your own thriving home based travel business and takes the guesswork out of the effort by showing you how to avoid the common pitfalls. “Marketing Mania For Travel Agents” is based on real time experiences of travel professionals to help you unlock the secrets necessary to give you everything you need to know to grow your flourishing home based travel business.

You will discover; * How to Cash in on the Home Based Travel Agency Boom! * Home Based Travel Agency Marketing Techniques * How to Use Social Media to Your Best Advantage * Design and Use Your Website for Maximum Sales and Penetration * 101 Marketing Tips You Can Use Everyday * And, Many, Many More Strategies, Concepts and Tips Ready For You to Use Now!

$19.95 (eBook)
$19.95 (Hard copy books shipping included)
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