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Selling Group Travel Book Info

Selling Group Travel

By Tom, Andy and Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

Selling Groups is a fantastic way to generate a substantial income for travel professionals. Selling Group Travel shares the important details on how to successfully sell. group travel and details all aspects on the topic. from concepts, packaging, costing, marketing and operating profitable groups.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Developing a Group Travel Concept Page 5

Chapter 2
Kinds of Group Travel Page 11

Chapter 3
Developing Your Group Travel Business Plan Page 17

Chapter 4
Group Travel Packaging Page 25

Chapter 5
Group Travel Costing Page 31

Chapter 6
Pied Pipers and Group Leaders Page 41

Chapter 7
Pied Piper and Group Leader Agreements Page 49

Chapter 8
Your Product Presentation Page 59

Chapter 9
Group Leader Marketing Strategies Page 67

Chapter 10
Selling Affinity Group Travel Page 75

Chapter 11
Escorting Affinity Groups Page 83