Cruise Planners December LB 2017

Star Struck


Jen Kruse

This may sound crazy, but there was a day some years back where I said to myself – “I’m doing this!”

“This” was up start a retail travel business (I don’t think I’m alone here, am I?)

Of course It wasn’t really as simple as that. I did all due diligence and researched every facet I could – but essentially – there was a day (and I remember it like it was yesterday) when I committed myself and all my focus and energy to starting and running a successful agency. It’s been a decade long journey, and if there’s one thing I learned … it was to never stop learning.

My passion for continual professional development has lead me down an interesting path – I’ll admit.

While I continue to operate a retail travel agency, I also am now blessed to consult with Travel Weekly developing programs that foster the development of others who desire to grow their business and find success.

OK, enough about me … Why I post is to tell you what Travel Weekly’s been up to lately – demonstrating not only a strong commitment to individual travel advisors, but also to the retail travel distribution channel as a whole.

In November, Travel Weekly will host CruiseWorld in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Many of you are familiar with this event – and many have no doubt attended. Personally – I’ve attended each and every year – and there’s a clear reason. No other industry event offers ALL the tools travel advisors of all levels of experience and specialty focus need to help develop and grow their businesses. The programming at CruiseWorld is diverse and unique – there’s honestly something for everyone – and the strong partnership between the Travel Professional Community and Travel Weekly means each and every community member will receive a special registration discount to attend the event. Using promotion code HBTA when registering ensures you, the Travel Professional Community member, will receive the lowest registration rate available. This discount is even combinable with ‘early bird’ discount rates. (Early bird rate is good through July 15th, so don’t waste any time getting on-board!)

I’m blown away each year by the level of Executive that takes the time to participate and engage at CruiseWorld. We’re talking the BIG names, all together in one place!   Combine this one of it’s kind opportunity with educational sessions, destination workshops, ship inspections and a jam packed exhibitor showcase – what more could anyone ask for?

Well, Travel Weekly hasn’t stopped with just producing an awesome event – there IS more! Enter – The STAR (Select Travel Advisor Recognition) Program.

I’ll admit to some prejudice because I’ve been directly involved in fine tuning this concept and to delivering this amazing opportunity for travel advisors to engage in an ENHANCED CruiseWorld experience. What does this mean? It means a select group of travel advisors will be Travel Weekly’s VIP guests at CruiseWorld and will receive complimentary event registration, complimentary hotel accommodations and a schedule of appointments to meet one on one with suppliers who are committed to helping you find greater success.   The STAR Program intensifies the CruiseWorld experience immersing each STAR in a full throttle, high intensity, let’s get things done midset.

Who is the CruiseWorld STAR? The program was carefully designed to include a cross section of advisors with varied levels of tenure, experience and specialty. The common denominator is all CruiseWorld STARs will possess a solid commitment to professional growth, the drive to find greater success and the dedication to fully engage in this enhanced program.

Applications to participate in the CruiseWorld STAR Program are currently being accepted. The response to the program has been overwhelming to date, which prompts my post here. I want to shout this opportunity from the Travel Professionals Community rooftop because this forum has such synergy with the STAR Programs mission and goals – Professional Development, Growth and EXCELLENCE J

Who’s ready to shine? APPLY NOW