Starwood Wants Your Vote!


Chris Austin
Vice President
Global Retail Leisure & Luxury Sales
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Today I reach out to you as colleagues and ask you to support Starwood. We have a legacy of being a strong partner with the Travel Professional Community and so many of you have become StarwoodPros and have engaged with us in our various modules focused on loyalty, sales, marketing, upselling and our growing portfolio of destination modules as well. This month, we have a very specific goal! We want to be voted by you, our travel professional partners, as the winner in Travel Weekly’s Readers’ Choice Awards in the category of Travel Agent Training Program. Your vote makes this an award worth winning! www.travelweekly.com/vote

Designed in 2007 with guidance and input from our Luxury & Leisure Customer Advisory Boards, StarwoodPro delivers a truly unique and differentiated program for our global travel professional partners. We’ve changed our vocabulary out of respect for what you do – at Starwood we seriously don’t care where you work we care about supporting the profession that you have all selected to be experts in. As of today, nearly 50,000 travel professionals from 93 countries have earned the designation of StarwoodPro. We know so many of you are among those ranks!

Built on five core pillars, Access, Education, Loyalty, Compensation consistency and Communication, StarwoodPro uses an arsenal of relevant content, programs and unique attributes to support travel professionals to sell Starwood brands and build higher levels of trust, commitment and revenues through increased loyalty.

Starwood accepts all credentials, IATA, CLIA, ARC, TRUE & TIDS, and we pay commissions centrally with NO fees deducted, something many of our competitor hotel brands do not do… so you do receive your full 10% commission always from Starwood but not when booking some of our competitors.

ProLearning offers five core modules, including Loyalty and brands and up-selling. The Starwood destination library offers 14 different destinations (Buenos Aires, Panama City and Rio de Janeiro were added this month).

StarwoodPros qualify for the Travel Professional Experience Rate program, STARPRO. STARPRO rates start from $69 and are ONLY available to Travel Professionals who pass the first module of Starwood’s new Learning and Development Curriculum. These rates allow you to continue your education by visiting our properties first hand.

Starwoodpro’s can download a logo to use on company stationery or in their email signature lines. The StarwoodPro logo tells others that you are an experienced and professional seller of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Pros also receive exclusive access to hotel contact information, marketing materials and receive free access to additional learning and development tools.

Please join your colleagues and friends in voting for StarwoodPro as the BEST TRAVEL AGENT EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM in the 2013 Travel Weekly Readers Choice Award.At Starwood, we’ve always believed that the best way to let travel professionals know how much you mean to us is to show you. StarwoodPro was designed to do just that with relevant information that makes your job easier and makes your efforts more profitable. Please vote for Starwood in the Travel Weekly Awards. After all, you’re a pro – you should work with one.

VOTE AT www.travelweekly.com/vote