Streamline Your Travel Business


Feeling overwhelmed with owning your own travel business? Yea, you are not alone. Let the right host agency streamline your travel business.

Are you trying to manage your website and update and load specials and content? Find a host agency that gives you a free consumer website where the content from hundreds of suppliers is updated automatically for you. Is your consumer website customizable with your logo and your business name? Your brand is important to you. It should be important to your host agency also.

Are you struggling trying to navigate which supplier you should choose for your clients that will not only benefit them but also benefit your bottom line? The right host agency should have an easily accessible interactive preferred supplier list. With one click, you should be able to pull up a comprehensive supplier list to view commission percentage, description and contact information.

Tired of waiting for your 1099 via snail mail? Find a host agency that has state of the art technology where you can view your 1099 immediately, online.

Owning your own home based travel agency can be expensive, but it does not have to be. Are you being nickel and dimed for every back office tool that you need or want? A good host agency should have the success of your business as a priority. Let’s face it. If you succeed, the host agency succeeds. Are you paying for accounting tools? You don’t have to. Are you paying for invoicing tools? No need. Are you shelling out your hard earned money for Customer Reservation Management tools and reservations tools? Why? The right host agency should make the management of your business easier and cost effective.

Have I given you some food for thought? I hope so. Travel Planners International supplies everything mentioned above. We offer all of our agents and sub-agents a free consumer website that is customizable with your logo and your business name. You never lose your identity. You gain a valuable business partner. You don’t have a logo yet? We have a marketing department that can assist you with creating your individual brand. Your free consumer website is updated automatically with special negotiated rates from hundreds of vendors, while you sleep.

We are very proud to announce the implementation of our Interactive Preferred Supplier list. Find the best fit for your client’s vacation without sacrificing your bottom line. Simply click the link to view a description of the supplier, the commission percentage and their contact information. Making it easier for you to choose the best fit for you and your valuable clients.

Travel Planners International strives to make the business of our Independent Contractors easier and less time consuming. This year we have put our agents 1099’s online. No waiting, no checking your mailbox. It is there for are agents, immediately at their convenience.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we want our Independent contractors to succeed. It is the sole reason our company exists. We realize that what may work for one agents travel business, may not work as well for the next. Travel Planners International has options. Do you love using Client Base Browser for your CRM? We offer it for free. Do you hate using Client Base Browser because you cannot customize it with your logo? We offer our Dynamic Invoicing System. You can upload your logo, your business name and type your clients a special message. Our agent only platform TPICENTRAL offers everything you need to make your travel business run more smoothly and cost effective. Run your accounting reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want to know when your commissions are received? Have an alert sent to your email or your phone via text message. Every accounting tool, invoicing tool, reservation tool and marketing tool is easily accessible from this one stop shop.