Supplier Webinars

Supplier  & Vendors Webinars

These webinars will introduce you, or bring you up to speed on their products and services. Enjoy!

Take Your Agency to the Next Level – Gain Independence: An interesting video from CCRA about their TRUE Code.

How Can Xcelerator Help You Prep For High Season? Find out how Xcelerator can make your life easy as we head into high season.

Scenic Luxury Cruises – Agent Tools: Find out how to book and manage your Scenic bookings in this excellent webinar.

Take Your Agency to the Next Level with a TRUE code From CCRA:  Here is a wonderful webinar about CCRA’s TRUE code.

Learn to Work Smarter with Travel Technology: Here is a great seminar on how to use technology to document your sales process.

Do I still Need a Website? A great presentation about the need for a robust website for your business.

Travel Weekly’s CruiseWrold 2017 Wants YOU!:  Great video sharing the upcoming benefits of attending CruiseWorld 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Earn a Free Emerald Waterways Cruise: Find out how you can earn a FREEE Emerald Waterways cruise in this much watch webinar.

Earn a Free Scenic Luxury Cruise: Find out how you can earn a free cruise on Scenic

Why Social Media is so Important to Your Business: A webinar on social media from Passport Online.

The Mark Travel Corporation, The Power of Four Brands: Find out about Mark Travel Corporation’s wonderful tour brands.

TRUELeads, the Platform Designed to Connect You with Real Leads: Find out about CCRA’s “TRUELeads platform”.

Cruising the Lower Danube with Scenic: Find out what makes a luxury cruise on the Lower Danube with Scenic is all about.

THREE Things You Can do With a TRUE Code to Change Your Travel Business:  CCRA shares some great information on why you should explore getting a TRUE Cide.

Getting Ready for Alaska with ShoreTrips: Here ia a great webinar on how to make substantial commissions selling Alaska shore excursions.

What Role Does Your Website and Social Media Play in Growing Your Business:  Here is a great webinar that shares the importance of your website and social media.

Bordeaux with Scenic Luxury River Cruises: This is a great webinar about selling the Bordeaux regions of France with Scenic Luxury River Cruises

3 Things You Can do with Your TRUE Code to Change Your Business: Here is part 1 of a 3 part webinar series about using your TRUE code.

Experience the Exceptional Emerald Value: Discover Emerald’s unique value proposition in this excellent webinar.

Scenic & What’s New in 2017 and 2018:  Find out what is new at Scenic for 2017 and 2018 in this excellent update webinar from Scenic.

CCRA and the Hosted Agent, How to Get the Best of Both Worlds; Here is a great webinar showing agents how to get the most from their business

Get to Know Exclusive Group Travel and AIC Hotel Group: Great webinar about the AIC Hotel Group and Exclusive Group Travel.

Fathom’s Cultural Exchange Cruises to the Dominican Republic:  Find out everything you need to know to sell this great cruise experience

Fathom’s Cultural Exchange Cruises to Cuba: Find out everything you need to know to successfully sell Fathom’s Cruises to Cuba.

NCL’s 50th Anniversary and All the Amazing Things that are Happening: Find out what’s new with NCL.

Scenic – Top Online Tools to Help You Market: Take a look at all the online tools Scenic offers you to sell more cruises.

Ten Reasons to Use ARC MarketPlace: A webinar about why you should be using ARC Marketplace to earn more commissions.

Learn All About Palace Resorts & Exclusive Group Travel: The title pretty much says it all. Enjoy!

Fathom Social Impact Cruises to the Dominican Republic: Find out the latest about Fathom to the Dominican Republic.

Motivate Holiday Travel Sales on Your Website & Social Media: Passport Online shares some valuable tips on selling holiday travel.

Travel Weekly Presents 3 Days of Travel Industry Awesomeness: CruiseWorld 2016 will be the event of the year. Find out why.

Emerald Waterways, Learn What’s NEW for 2017: Complete update for Ermarld Waterways 2017 river cruises.

Dollars vs Sense, a CCRA Webinar: Learn more about CCRA’s value proposition.

Fathom Social Impact Cruises to the Dominican Republic: A webinar about Carnival’s newest brand.

Exclusive Group Travel introduces brand new All Inclusive Luxury by Excellence Group in Punta Cana . Find out about Exclusive Group Travel

Scenic  What’s New for 2017 for Scenic River Cruises & the New Scenic Eclipse?  Here are the current updates for Scenic in 2017.

From Adrenaline Junkies to Foodies…ARC MarketPlace Offers Something for Everyone: A webinar about ARC’s wonderful tours and shore excursions.

A Fresh Look at CCRA Memberships – Highlighting Our TRUE Accreditation:  A close look at CCRA’s TRUE accreditation and what it can do for you.

Scenic Exlipse, the World’s First Luxury Discovery Yacht: Learn about Scenic’s new Eclipse in this excellent webinar.

Learn More About Emerald Waterways: Great video about Emerald Waterways and their wonderful river cruises.

Fraud Prevention – Learn How to Spot Fraudsters: Presented by ARC, this video is a must wee for every agent. Don’t miss it.

3 Ways to Drive Business to Your Website and How Social Media Can Help: This is a great webinar on how to leverage social media to drive business to your website.

Evolve Your Business into Something Better and Bigger with CCRA: Find out how CCRA can help you grow your business.

Learn About Valentin Imperial Maya and Exclusive Group Travel: Find out about this wonderful resort and Exclusive Group Travel, as well.

What’s New and Exciting at Norwegian Cruise Lines?; A wonderful webinar that explore’s NCL’s newest ships and itineraries.

The Starwood Advantage: Join Joanie and Chris Austin for an in-depth conversation about Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

Scenic Eclipse – World’s First Luxury Discovery Yacht: Discover Scenic’s new Eclipse and what makes it so unique.

ARC MarketPlace  10 Ways to WOW Your Clients with ARC MarketPlace. This is a great webinar on how to WOW your clients and also make great commissions.

Scenic Webinar: Find out what is new with Scenic in this must watch webinar if you sell river cruises.

Passport Online for Your Web and Social Media Presence: Find out why travel agents love Passport Online in this excellent webinar.

Are You Ready to Meet the New CCRA?: Margie Jordan shares all that is happening with CCRA in this excellent webinar.

Invest in Your Business – Verified Travel Consultant Program: ARC shares details about their VTC program in this excellent webinar.

Palace Resorts and Exclusive Group Travel: Find out why Palace Resorts is the choice of Exclusive Group Travel

Offer Your Clients the Very Best in River Cruising with Scenic: Find out why Scenic is considered one of the best river cruises.

Are You Ready to Meet the New CCRA?  Find out what’s new at CCRA in this interesting webinar.

Travel Alberta: A wonderful webinar sharing Alberta, Canada’s excellent sights and experience.

Are You Earning up to 25% on International Flights?  Find out how to by using CCRA’s Air Select program.

Passport Online – The Travel Industry’s Best Website: Find out why so many travel professionals prefer Passport Online for their primary website.

Scenic, What’s New For The Most Luxury All Inclusive River Cruise Company?: Find out what is happening with Scenic. If you sell river cruises, this webinar is a must watch.

The HUSH Collection, Unique Boutique Hotels and Getaways: Learn about the HUSH collections wonderful boutique properties.

ezBook – The Hotel Booking ETool that Does it All: Find out all you need to know to cash in using eBook for your hotels.

Exclusive Group Travel and All Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels: Find out what’s happening with All Inclusive Hark Rock Hotels in this excellent webinar.

Scenic, What’s New For the Most Luxury All Inclusive River Cruise Company: Find out what’s new at Scenic. If you sell river cruises this webinar is a “Must Watch”

New Distribution Capability (NDC) and You: You have heard about NDC here is a video explaining what the buzz is all about. This is a “Must Watch” webinar.

Your Best Business decision This Fall Powered by Travel Weekly: Find out about an excellent business opportunity offered by Travel Weekly.

Emerald Waterways, Best Value in Deluxe River Cruising: A great webinar about Emerald Waterways and why you should be selling them in the luxury market.

Your Ticket to Being a Full Service Agent. Sell air by using CCRA’s AirSelect Central!: This video shares exactly how you can now become a full service agent selling air with CCRA’s AirSelect Central.

Fraud Prevention, Learn How to Spot Fraudsters: ARC shares some excellent tips on how to protect yourself from fraudsters looking to steal your money.

Learn About CCRA Preferred Carriers Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand Can Do For You!  Find out why you should be selling these carriers through CCRA;s AirSelect program.

Enhance Your Bottom Line Using ARC’s Managed Payment Program – Agent’s Choice: Learn about ARC’s Agent’s Choice in this informative and timely webinar..

Welcome to the New ARC MarketPlace: A video introducing travel professionals to ARC’s new MarketPlace.

Protecting Your Business – How to Protect Your Agency From Fraud When Using AirSelect: A webinar on how to protect your agency that should be watched by everyone.

Learn about Valentin Imperial Maya and Exclusive Group Travel: Great presentation sharing the wonderful amenities of Valentin Imperial Maya and Exclusive Group Travel/

Scenic 2015 – What’s New With the World’s Most All Inclusive River Cruise Company?: Find out what’s new with Scenic in this excellent presentation.

ezBook – The Hotel Booking Tool That Does It All: If your interested in selling hotels and making excellent commissions, this video is for you!

Inside AirSelect – Developing Relationships With Airline Partners:This webinar features a panel of airline representatives sharing information about their service and offerings. A very informative webinar!

Add to Your Bottom Line with ARC MarketPlace: Great webinar about exploring the opportunities of using ARC MarketPlace

Learn about the Profit Potential & Earning Power of Starwood: A webinar all about the many ways to earn more income selling Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Scenic 2015 What’s New for the Most All Inclusive River Cruise Company: A webinar about Scenic and what’s new for the future.

Think You Know ARC? Think Again. A webinar about the Airline Reporting Corporation’s many value propositions for travel professionals.

Real Revenue with Air Select Central – Learn how to generate real revenue selling air with CCRA’s AirSelect Central program.

ezBOOK by ABC Global – Over 600,000 Hotel Options: View this recorded webinar to learn more about this great product for travel professionals.

Emerald Waterways, the Deluxe River Cruise Company: Join this webinar to gain information on the newly formed deluxe river cruise company’s boats and itineraries.

Explore StarwoodPro and the Westin and Sheraton Brands: Find out about everything new with StarwoodPro and the Westin and Sheraton brands in this excellent webinar.

Today’s ARC, How to Make It Yours: Here is a great webinar that looks at ARC’s many different offerings for home based travel agents. Well worth watching it.