Cruise Planners December LB 2017

Trisept Solutions Introduces Xcelerator

John Ische

John Ische
President & CEO
Trisept Solutions

Trisept Solutions was formed in 2000 with a team that leveraged more than 15 years of thought leadership, development, and operational excellence in the field of leisure travel technology. Trisept Solutions was first to master the concept of dynamic travel packaging in the electronic world, and today serves airlines, hotel companies, resorts, tour operators, travel agencies, tourist bureaus, airline alliances, theme parks and other suppliers. Trisept Solutions provides technology solutions for many of the biggest names in travel, including Southwest Vacations, United Vacations, Blue Sky Tours, Universal Vacations, MGM Resorts Vacations, Sandals and Beaches.

Living core values of Be Unique, Be well, Work well, Live well, Embrace change, Get your hands dirty, Ask, and Live end-to-end, the more than 140 team members continue to bring thought leadership, development, and operational excellence to the leisure travel marketplace including platforms like VAX VacationAccess and the recently released, Xcelerator.

VAX VacationAccess, the premier leisure agent research, marketing and booking portal, serves more than 70,000 travel agents and processes over 200,000 travel transactions per hour. With more than 62% of VAX’s agents identifying themselves as home-based agents, Trisept Solutions is well positioned to take the next step in providing a travel technology platform to sustain and grow travel agents’ business in today’s competitive landscape.

With Xcelerator, agents now have access to a powerful new platform to expand their expertise while connecting even more efficiently with their clients to deliver unique experiences for their clients’ vacations, on both land and sea. Xcelerator integrates of all the functions they need to service their clients and run their business on one secure platform, including one-stop access to leading industry suppliers, complete client profiles, responsive dashboards and the ability to create payment summaries and travel itineraries.

Xcelerator is available for a free test drive through the end of January, 2016 and currently offers a robust CRM solution available with a full range of client preferences, an interactive dashboard that tracks daily activities, a payment summary, and integration with VAX VacationAccess into client profiles.

The interactive dashboard provides agents quick reference to clients departing and returning today, this week and next with easy access to client contact information so that clients can easily be contacted for a bon voyage or welcome home message. The dashboard also includes an area to track payments due today, this week, and next reducing the chance of system cancelled bookings. Agents have the ability to track their sales by supplier and destination, gaining more control of their business and identifying their most profitable sales.

Currently, Xcelerator integrates with VAX VacationAccess and agents have the ability to import past bookings and connect to VAX, create a new booking and import that booking into the client profile. In the first half of 2016, agents will be able to search, connect to and book leading cruise lines and escorted tour operators.

Mid-year 2016, Xcelerator will release the industry’s first research and book functionality using the Cognitive Conversion platform, developed by travel search and discovery company WayBlazer and powered by IBM Watson. The research and book feature integrates shopping across multiple travel type suppliers with the next generation CRM system to deliver unique experiences for clients’ vacations, based on what clients do/don’t like, where they do/don’t want to go, or where they have been but do/don’t want to return, down to the city level and at a specific trip level.

The ability to shop across multiple travel types for the clients, including cruise lines, escorted tours, river cruises and vacation packages will save agents hundreds of hours annually while searching for the right vacation solutions to their clients’ vacation needs. The integration of CRM with research and book will bring to agents a recommendation and planning platform to provide more personalized, relevant, and valuable travel information to their clients. As Watson continuously learns, gaining in value and knowledge over time from previous interactions, search results for each client will become more and more relevant, enhancing the relationship an agent has with their client.

Xcelerator will continue to enhance its functionality and increase the number suppliers available through the platform to ensure agents will have the best technology platform in the industry. For additional information and to sign up for the free test drive, visit