Uniglobe Travel Center

Uniglobe Travel Center
Celebrates 20 Years of
Service. Reflecting with Pride;
Looking Forward with Confidence

Betsy Geiser

World in Changes

We have experienced a world of change in the past 20 years. It was 20 years ago that the Dow Jones Industrials first closed above 4,000, Prodigy (the online “ dial-up solution to end all solutions”) debuted, and it was 20 years ago that Travel Agency airlines commissions were capped. Those events, alone, happened in a span of two months. The last 20 years have surely not been for the meek or weak of heart!

As Uniglobe Travel Center Vice President Betsy Geiser recently reflected: “I started with Unishortly after they acquired UTC (which was at the time called InHouse Travel).  This was a very interesting time to get into the travel industry.  We were seeing Airline commissions going to Zero in 2000 and the following year was 9/11. It took the industry a few years to start recovering and then the economy crashed in 2008.

Today, we look back and know if we could survive the early 2000’s Professional Travel Agents will be around for a very long time!”

We are a Different Breed of Host Agency

When Uniglobe Travel International (our parent company and one of the most respected names in Travel) acquired and subsequently re-branded UTC, a commitment was made to stand out, differentiate and be unique in the Travel Industry.

Since UTC “Day 1”, we made the commitment to not be all things to all people. Rather, our focus has been to attract success-oriented, Professional Independent Agents (many maintain a brick and mortar presence) as opposed to accepting all applicants. While this might sound a bit heavy-handed at first blush, those who understand that an Organization is as strong as its weakest link can appreciate our business model. Recognizing an obligation to facilitate new/aspiring Industry Retailers, we have created 2 programs that speak to their needs. Again, the selection criteria is stringent as is the commitment required from those who qualify.

UTC’s “Numbers Lady”, Accounting Manager Jetta Nicolas, recalls UTC’s acquisition and subsequent Headquarters relocation: “Moving the office from Renton, WA to California was the most fun and challenging.  We had to close the office on Sunday, and pack up what we could get on a plane and start up in California the next day.  We had a blank slate to work on in California, so we literally started the accounting process from scratch.”

“Mid-week ARC decided to change our ARC number to a California number, and we had to copy all the tickets for the week to submit them to ARC. Over the past 15 years I have seen some young kids whom we hired mature, to become wives and moms and I have been blessed to work with some amazing people whom I call friends for life.”

A Professional Family

It is because of our philosophy that UTC Agents, when taken as a collective, are the most productive Agents in the Industry.

At UTC the mentoring, caring and servicing of our Agents is Job 1. It is our strength, our commitment, it’s the reason we come to work each day – to serve, to support, to help find solutions through collaboration.

Rose Snyder, UTC’s Manager of New Business pointed to a few such examples: “I remember the two major agency acquisitions/transitions; the first being Agenta, the second Magellan. The challenge was winning over these established agents, many of whom were not so open to “change” at the time.  But our UTC team was successful at winning them over (fairly quickly) with our “willing and able” support attitude and industry expertise, that not only did we meet, but exceeded their expectations as a professional host agency.”

These sentiments are echoed by Staff, Preferred Suppliers, and perhaps, most importantly, by UTC Hosted Agents: David McFarland of McFarland Travel in Festus, Missouri: “I am currently finishing up my 18th year with my agency and owe a great deal of my success to Uniglobe Travel. Actually without them and some of their key personnel I would not still be in business. “

“Never once have I asked for Staff help that we did not get in a very prompt and professional manner. The other Uniglobe agency owners are great to work with and to meet with when we can make it to the annual conference. Hands on help, professional attitude and a full knowledge of the current markets, innovations and incentives are a daily way of life. These people are totally dedicated and professional. Their industry knowledge is unparalleled and is constantly updated. They receive my very deepest appreciation highest regards and for all they have done for me, my fellow agency owners and the travel industry. Uniglobe spells “success”.

”A UTC Mentor U graduate and now thriving Professional Agent, Debbie Smith speaks on behalf of “UTC Newbies”: Uniglobe has been wonderful! I feel I wasted a year with the other company. Uniglobe has given me more training; things as a new agent I never knew were out there. I get more confident every day. If you feel alone and want to be successful I highly recommend Uniglobe!”

Professional Development and Fun go hand in hand at UTC

The day you stop learning, growing and working together is the day you start looking for your next career option. Education and ongoing Professional Development are at the core of our value pillars.

Our Agents enjoy the finest marketing, operational, backend support available. From accounting systems to professionally produced and distributed consumer marketing programs, to websites, UTC has done the heavy lifting. Our Agents do what they do best; cultivate Client relationships and sell travel.

Our 2016 Annual Conference is slated for May 18-21, 2016 at the beautiful U.S. Flagship of Club Med; All-Inclusive, Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, FL. And we do mean ALL Inclusive. In addition to the Club Med experience, our Conference Delegates will be treated to best in Industry Education along with cutting-edge Lifestyle content that speaks to evolving consumer travel trends. There will be Networking, Team Building, our FABULOUS Preferred Suppliers and as much excitement as we can fit into the agenda.

Are We a Fit?

If you’re serious about thriving instead of just surviving; if you want an Organization who provides personalized service (we know our Agents on a first name basis, not by a number) and if you have a passion for your profession, let’s talk. Please call us to schedule a chat with Betsy or one of our Senior Management Team 1-800-863-1606. Visit http://www.uniglobetravelcenter.com or write: utcinfo@uniglobetravel.com

Here’s to the next 20 years; if history repeats, it should be very interesting!