Westin Hotels & Resorts Share Important Benefits For Weekend Guests


Chris Austin
Vice President
Global Retail Leisure & Luxury Sales
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

As travel professionals, it is our job to provide a fabulous and relaxing experience for today’s travelers. All of Starwood’s nine brands are committed to taking the best care of your customers when you entrust them to our nearly 1,1oo properties around the globe.

One of our signature brands, West-in Hotels & Resorts, is offering an extra special way to pamper your customers during their weekend stays. I wanted to make sure our friends at the Travel Professional Community knew about the latest initiative from West-in. Our West-in properties are making a few subtle changes to create a more relaxed atmosphere on the weekends, so your clients can escape on a quick weekend getaway and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

With the new West-in Weekends program, we are determined to help your clients make the weekend last longer. West-in invites guests to personalize their weekend experience at any of the brand’s 193 hotels and resorts around the world with 3pm Sunday check-out, extended breakfast hours all weekend and more. The new weekend offering is now available at all West-in Hotels & Resorts around the world. These small changes mean more time to enjoy the precious weekend, whether that includes hitting the slopes at one of our award-winning ski resorts, exploring a new city or a day lounging poolside.

To set the stage for the new program all West-in hotels will signal the weekend has arrived through a variety of subtle sensory cues including changes in lighting, music and decor. Each guestroom will feature the brand’s signature Heavenly Bed bathrobe placed on the bed accompanied by a list of favorite local attractions to officially welcome guests to their weekend. Hotel associates are also part of the transformation, leaving behind weekday ties and customary uniforms for a more relaxed and casual weekend look. Guests are encouraged to linger in bed longer with a late, 3pm Sunday check-out and extended breakfast hours on Saturday and Sunday. West-in Weekends are designed to inspire well-being, from a good night’s sleep on the Heavenly Bed and SuperFoodsRX dining options to convenient exercise through the RunWESTIN and New Balance gear-lending programs.

The late checkout also allows our guests to have more time to enjoy everything they love about West-in, like the Heavenly Bed, SuperFoodsRx menus and West-in Workout. And of course, it means a bit more time to sleep in the West-in Heavenly Bed. Because good sleep is critical for both mental and physical health, West-in has designed every detail of the Heavenly Bed to promote superior slumber. Sleep well, and meet the challenges of the week head-on.

We recently surprised 50 travel professionals, all StarwoodPro graduates who were attendees at Travel Weekly’s Global Travel Marketplace, with West-in Weekends to experience it for themselves. Some of your colleagues here in the community were among the random winners. We hope they enjoy the experience and share the West-in Weekend stories to help us spread the word.

For more information on Westin Hotels & Resorts, please visit www.westin.com/weekends and to learn more about Starwood Hotels & Resorts and join your colleagues as StarwoodPros, visit us today at www.starwoodpro.com

Thanks, as always, for entrusting your clients as our guests.