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$5.00 Or, What is a Micro Job Site?


By Tom Ogg

During our most recent chat on “Your Biggest Business Challenges” I was somewhat shocked to find out that no one on the chat had ever heard of a “Micro Job Site”. Micro Job Sites are much different than global bid sites like elance.com and getacoder.com and they are also quite different from crowdsourcing sites like 99Designs.com and Crowdspring.com.

Global bid sites allow you to access extremely talented people around the globe to bid on specific work that you want accomplished. You can bid out websites, SEO work, coding of all kinds. Global bid sites generally deal with more sophisticated design and coding issues for complete jobs. They work great because you have people from all over Earth bidding for the work that you want done and an generally do much better than if you use more traditional methods.

Crowdsourcing is different than bid sites in that people actually do the work first and then compete for the price you are willing to pay for the work. Say you want a logo designed and would like folks to compete for the money you are willing to pay for a new logo. In a crowdsourcing environment, folks from all over the world actually submit logo concepts and designs in hopes that you will hire them to create your next logo. Crowdsourcing is excellent for creative work like logos, flyers and other digital or print creatives.

A “Micro Job Site” differs in that people actually make a specific proposal of what they will do for a fixed amount of money. As an example, if you want someone to provide you with a video testimonial for your website there are thousands of people making this offer. In fact, there are so many different offers that one can lose themselves in the possibilities that micro job sites represent. Here is a detailed look at one site and then a list of other sites you might want to check out.

www.Fiverr.com: Fiverr.com’s value proposition is pretty straight forward. People from all over the world tell you what they will do for you for $5.00. It is that simple. Now, many “gigs” as they are known on Fiverr.com may be for a specific amount of work and may charge extra “gigs” or $5.00 amounts if what you want exceeds the allotted amount of work that will be done for $5.00. Say one provider will proof read 50 pages for $5.00, but you want 150 pages proofed, it will probably cost you a total of $15.00. Fiverr.com uses PayPal.com to settle and controls that process between buyer and seller all the way through to completion of the gig. Both buyers and sellers are rated by the other party and resolution is a part of the process. The seller only gets paid once the gig is completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. If the gig is not completed within the stated period of time, Fiverr.com will allow the buyer the option of obtaining a complete and immediate refund. I have personally used Fiverr.com for many different tasks and have never been disappointed.

Here are some of the main categories on Fiverr.com that you can search for whatever you need done for just $5.00.

Advertising: People are more than willing to write ads, reviews, testimonials, paint their bodies with your logo or message, hand out flyers in their local area, make telephone calls and many other opportunities to turn heads.

Business: Buy time with professional business consultants, hire a personal assistant, get testimonials, learn business card tricks, write a press release, review your business plan, hire a newscaster or spokesperson, hire a researcher and so many more ideas.

Graphics & Design: Get a logo created, get tee shirt art, flyers, posters, business cards, stationery, get your logo in steel, wood and other fantastic presentations, have cartoons made, get anything illustrated, have your Facebook page customized, have personalized greeting cards designed and so on. There are tons of ideas here.

Music & Audio: Get a professional voice over for your videos, have voice overs done in any language, have a commercial jingle written for your business, have your lyrics turned into a song and so many other ideas.

Video & Animation: Have a video testimonial made for your website, create an animated whiteboard presentation, create a video newscast or advertisement, Create 3-D images of your logos, brochures, etc. and lots, lots more.

Writing & Translating: Have articles written for you, translate your articles into just about any language. Have your stuff proofread, have an ebook written, have your work edited, have content written for your website, have reviews written and much more.

As you can see there are numerous opportunities to use micro job sites to get things accomplished that would normally cost a whole lot more doing it any other way. While Fiverr.com probably offers everything you could ever want done in a micro job environment, here are some more sites like Fiverr.com

www.Fourerr.com: Same thing as Fiverr.com but gigs cost only $4.00.

www.Fittytown.com: Here is another micro job site, but the going rate for a job is $50.00

www.Gigbucks.com: Gigbucks is unique in that it allows gigs to be priced by the seller so a gig may cost anywhere between $5.00 to $50.00 depending on the gig.

www.Fiverup.com: Another site that is directly competitive to Fiverr.com

www.Twentyville.com: You guessed it. Gigs can run between $10 and $20 per gig.

www.Sixrr.com: Yup, this one is $6.00 per gig.

If these are not enough for you, just Google “Micro Job Sites” or “Sites Like Fiverr.com” and you will find hundreds more. Spend some time learning what these sites can offer you and watch your creativity explode.