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You Spoke, We Listened – The New ARC MarketPlace is Here!



Jennifer Briede
Senior Product Manager, ARC

Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time surveying, interviewing and talking with agents and agencies about what they like and don’t like about ARC MarketPlace. Taking that feedback to heart, we’ve remodeled and redesigned the website to make it easier to use, and ultimately more profitable for you.

Some of the feedback that we heard from agents was that the previous site’s homepage was too cluttered and that it was hard for them to find what they were searching for. Or, they came to the site to book a tour or activity and didn’t realize ALL the amazing booking opportunities and commission potential on ARC MarketPlace. We found that most agents didn’t know that we offer commission on car rentals, and passport and visa services, and that they can earn up to 15% commission booking on the site. Additionally, we learned that most agents have never heard of the ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program, which allows an agent to place a web banner on his or her website, so that when a client clicks on the web banner and books directly, the agent earns commission just as if he or she had booked it for the client themselves.

With our newly redesigned ARC MarketPlace, the site is easier to navigate and will help you discover all the incredible travel opportunities available to your clients. On arcmarketplace.com, when you click “Book,” you now see the options available for booking and earning commission such as activities, tours, shore excursions, car rentals and more. We’ve also incorporated a refreshed search and have updated the supplier landing pages. We work with industry-leading suppliers, and we highlight them on the site so you know exactly who we are working with – and who you are booking with.

We’ve added new ways to connect with our customers through the ARC MarketPlace Blog and Twitter account (@arcmarketplace) where you can find out the latest news, events, training, tips and travel planning ideas. We want to engage with you and hope you’ll check the blog and Twitter often for the latest scoop on ARC MarketPlace.

Agents said that it would be great if we could provide guidance on some of the top things to do in the most popular cities across the globe so they can quickly make recommendations to their clients. We added our City pages, featuring the top 10 cities that are booked on ARC MarketPlace. Over the coming months, we plan to add more cities, so that this collection of pages will continue to grow. Agents can use the City pages as a resource to research information on these destinations and will find things like the “Top 10 Attractions,” car rentals and visa and passport services you can directly offer your clients, activities and tours to do in a one day visit, videos of available tours and activities, travel tips and more!

Lastly, as more and more people are accessing websites on their phones and tablets, we’ve made this easier for you as the site is now optimized for mobile devices. We hope that you enjoy these updates and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new site, we hope you do so soon by visiting arcmarketplace.com! Or, come and experience the site with us. Join our free webinar on Wednesday, September 16 and learn all the new ins and outs of ARC MarketPlace.

Happy Booking!

Jennifer Briede